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Shaadi Pride

Anjana & Sukumar (06 November 2007)
Anjana & Sukumar
Anjana & Sukumar
That I am a physicist "space" always interested me; it turned out that I found my partner in "space" too and not "place"... It might sound yet another story but for the two of us it shall be moments that we will cherish all our life. My parents initiated my matrimonial search and soon decided to register with Shaadi. They asked me to fill-in the required portions in the website which was nothing less than writing an exam to me with the only difference being I need not refer big fat books; cumbersome you see! I did fill them, not having the slightest idea that these were the words that were about to take my life onto a complete new direction. My parents had a lovely time accepting, rejecting and waiting for responses but before they could enjoy it more, a proposal clean bowled them in the first shot (quite difficult though!!!) Then on things moved in supersonic speed and before I could realize what was happening, I was asked to speak to him. Very reluctantly I agreed to exchange mails and soon ended up agreeing for a chat session. Fortunately my network was bad and we ended up talking for five hrs (ISD call!!!!) and those five hrs formed the bond for the years to come. I never expected to be showered with so much of love, care and affection; couldn?t have asked for anything more. As they rightly say: ?If you get whom you love, you are lucky but if you get someone who loves you more, you are fortunate? I am glad to be so fortunate. His take on the whole thing :-) I always wanted my girl to be the balancing factor in my life; true to myself that I am, I have a king-size view of life? Marriage, is obviously the biggest force in life that would propel our lives into unknown directions, so I surely wanted to identify my partner with whom I could connect mentally, at the same time compliment her; while she does the big job of balancing us. Now, I am based at Saudi Arabia (many girls would dread that word) far away from real-land, so never got the privilege of meeting girls in person; thus, began my long search at the next best alternative i.e.! Profile after profile, some funny, some racial, some discriminative, some demanding, some possessive, some too-good-to-be-true, some selfish and some unsure; I came across many profiles that I would laugh on, brood on and pity on! In all, I would have applied to about six profiles before coming across Ange?s profile after being a member with for about six months. According to me, it would take to read about 150 words to fairly guess a person; there she was with 200 plus words and smiling away to glory?she sounded simple, ambitious and happy with life and more so with a very forward looking mentality. After all, my girl had to be a cut above the rest in her thought process! It?s been over six months since we met; we got engaged on the 24th of October, impending marriage on the Feb.10th and I have never felt so happy in life? Like they say? ?We all wait for love!? I would say??For a fortunate few though, Love waits!? Thanks Ange n Sam!

Wedding DATE : 10th Feb, 2008
Anjana & Sukumar Team congratulates Anjana & Sukumar. We wish you both a happy future.
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