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Shaadi Pride

Karishma & Karan (06 December 2013)
Karishma & Karan
Karishma & Karan
Karishma & Karan
Hello Team Karan and I are happy to inform you that we are getting married on 18th Jan 2014. Both of us have been registered as paid members on your website for 5 years. Yes, 5 years, so you can imagine that we were quite cynical trying to find that "illusive one". I had been based in the US whereas Karan had moved back to India from the US 4 years ago. All through the time that he was in the US, surprisingly, neither of us came across each other's profile. After he shifted to India, he was of course looking at profiles in India while I continued my search in the US. In March 2013, I came to India for a 2 month vacation and visa stamping. However, due to some issues at the embassy, my stay in India got extended. During this period, my parents started to convince me that I should look at moving back to India permanently and not return to the US. I was dead against this. Karan searched for my profile on since he is a paid member here and figured that most people have their profiles on multiple websites. Every week, he would put one criteria or the other in the search tool trying to look for me. But would never find me! Because, on I was still listed in being in North America since I was NOT interested in moving to India. And he was looking for me with location listed as India in the search tool. I am happy to say that he continued looking for me for 6 weeks. And thank God for that because by then, my parents convinced me to stay back in India and look for someone here. On 21st August, I changed my location to India and sure enough, on 25th August, I got an interest from Karan. I accepted it not knowing that he had been looking for me for so many weeks. To me, this was our first contact. From that day on everything was in fast forward motion. We met on 9th Sept 2013 and 36 days later, ON 15th Oct 2013, we were engaged. Now for those of you cynical 30 somethings out there, this may be hard to believe, or you may think this could never happen to me. Trust me, we used to think the same way. Both Karan and I have lived in the US for a decade so were as far removed from the "arranged marriage" concept as can be. Through, we have both met over 50 people each for matrimonial conversations in the last 5 years so saying that we were exhausted, cynical, jaded and maybe even a little bitter would be totally accurate. After interest acceptance, my mom spoke with Karan after which she spoke to his mom. Then our horoscope matching was done. After we passed with flying colors, we met for the first time and what was supposed to be a 30 minute coffee meeting turned out to be a 3 hour meet! In 2 weeks, Karan came home to meet my parents, after which my parents went to meet his parents. Note that my parents and I, Karan his parents are all in different cities so it is even more amazing that despite everyone being in different cities, all this got done in such a short span. It is because when the Man upstairs decides to make it work, everything in the universe aligns itself. And hence the "chat mangani - pat byah"! Karan is everything that I have always wanted in a man. Believe it or not, I had made a list of 45 physical and character traits that I wanted in my man and Karan meets 42 of those. As for Karan, he says that the first time he saw me he thought I was the girl of his dreams and if I said yes to him his life would be made. :) I guess it is made now. Both of us would actually like to thank your team. More than anything we would like to thank God for making it possible for us to meet despite all odds. And to all you hopefuls out there, hang in there, try to stay positive as hard as it is. Both Karan and I, many a times felt that we'd never meet our better half and even considered staying single forever. But every time you fall into that thought process, get yourself out one more time and go meet that one more person with a positive expectation. You never know this time it may just work out. Tons of luck to everyone on the single street. If we can find our partner, so can you because really, the odds were completely stacked up against us. So keep the faith, If we can do it, so can you. :) Thanks a lot Best regards Karan and Karishma

Wedding DATE : 18th Jan, 2014
Karishma & Karan Team congratulates Karishma & Karan. We wish you both a happy future.
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