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Shaadi Pride

Mohammad & Syeda (01 November 2013)
Mohammad & 	Syeda
My journey at Shaadi started around June 12. Though I had very simple and transparent parameters to accept the interest and send interest but somehow in the first 6 months my experience was some what ok but some of the them were very bad. I was not a guy who was multi tasking and talking to many at a time. For me Marriage was an affair which I wanted to start with honesty and companionship and I wanted to give the right justice. I was clear that I was not here for fun but I felt that some other people who are there were having different priorities. I feel even after facing bad times in life people were still looking more for materialistic things than for companionship. Even though I had some bad experience but it’s a good learning also. I also find couple of friends on this site but still was not able to find someone for whom I was looking for. One fine day I saw an interest from a Girl. I liked reading her profile too honest and straight but so tired of my experience I wanted to give myself a break and put that on “would revert later” mode. I was busy with my professional life and when after few week I again logged in I saw a reminder mail from the same person which was very polite and humble still had something very interesting aspect. And, I accepted it. After few test mails and chat on messengers, we exchanged BBM Pins. Very soon, I realised that this girl was different because she believed in trusting each other and value relationship more than materialistic things. I also noticed that she has a good balance of wit and maturity. She conveyed me that she is looking for someone who can act mature and think mature in front of the world also the person should be witty and loving with her during quality time. She was quite clear what she wanted in a person on this site. From our first call on phone which lasted for more than hour, in next 15 days I got my tickets booked to visit her because she was working in the other city. She sounded happy, excited and worried about our first meeting. Even I had my bunch of fears anyways slowly and steadily the day arrived. The meeting just was an icing on the cake, and now we are happily engaged. Our families have met, and gave consent to our choice. My advice to the people using this site to please respect others and if you are not interested in anyone please decline the interest so that other person can move on. Also trust people, not everyone is same, you might had a bad experience but its not necessary that everyone will be the same and if you treat everyone with the same yard stick you might loose the right person. Best of luck for all who are looking for their life partner on this site. I thank for helping me to find my sunshine.

Wedding DATE : 14th Aug, 2013
Mohammad & Syeda Team congratulates Mohammad & Syeda. We wish you both a happy future.
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