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Ankit sharma & Anupama mishra (23 October 2013)
Ankit sharma & Anupama mishra
"I made some spelling mistakes in our success story which i wrote... So kindly Update it to the one I wrote below:- I am Ankit Sharma and my Love's name is Anupama Mishra, I am from New Delhi and she is from Gorakhpur. So its A long distance Love Story... :).... First time I saw her on, then I saw her several pics she uploaded on I liked her a lot. I sent her the accept request on She accepted my proposal on I was not a premium member of . Then slowly slowly we started liking each other and after some time we shared our mobile no.s.. We started talking to each other through phone... We actually became very good friends... We started sharing our happiness and sorrows. one night we were talking to each other till late night the time was about 12:30AM... We both shared our feelings to each other... and we decided to get in relation... after some days we got damm serious about each other and decided to marry each other... there were days when we use to fight a lot but at the end we use to love each other a lot... One Day we planned to meet in Lucknow,,,, I took leaves from my office for 4 days... and booked train tickets to Lucknow... We both said lie to our parents that we are going for outing with our friends for few days... The day we met each other firs time in Lucknow railway station... I can't forget that precious moment... we were looking into each other?s eyes and gave a smile to each other... we hugged each other...We both felt that we are not meeting each other for the first time... We spent a lot of special moments together, we went to Anandi Water park as well... D day when we were going back to our home place... We were emotional about each other... we hugged each other... that was the first time in my life that i got tears in my eyes for someone.... I the whole journey i was missing her and crying in the train,,,and the passengers in the train were looking at me... that day I decided that any how I want to marry Anupama... after a week I spoke to my family about her and she do the same... My parents matched a kundali... It was not matching at all... They refused for this relation... but we both were confirmed about our relation... we were so serious about each other that we cant marry any other person...The situation was like either we marry each other or we die... but thanks to our parents they supported each other... and finally... I booked tickets for my family to go to gorakhpur to meet anupama's family... finally every one met... and we celebrated Roka ceremony on 16th Aug, 2013... we had so many photographs together... we are so happy now that our love going successful and getting engaged on 12th dec,2013... and getting married to each other on 21st April,2014... Thanks to because this is the first platform when I first met Anupama Mishra my love... Thanks a lot :) :) :)

Wedding DATE : 21st Apr, 2014
Ankit sharma & Anupama mishra Team congratulates Ankit sharma & Anupama mishra. We wish you both a happy future.
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