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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Gazi & Nazia (23 October 2013)
Gazi & Nazia
My life has been one of struggle. Every deep breath taken alone, and challenges faced without a hand to hold. On the other side of America there was a girl unseen by many. Silently beautiful, hidden from the wrath of human nature. People failed to see the serenity of her thoughts, the purity of her intentions, and the innate love she had to share. On August 11th, 2013 I decided to pay for my membership. I didn't believe in it or realize its merits. On the other side America, Nazia also gave up on love. She, on the brink of canceling her Shaadi membership. However, there was a plan greater than our realm of understanding. A plan formulated by God and facilitated by this amazing website. We spoke on that fateful day, became a couple the following day, and fell in love. It was not a love formed in this world. There were no rules or social norms to align ourselves to. It was evoked through faith and a perfect partnership. A week later our parents spoke and we bought plane tickets for our families to meet in Los Angeles. We are both assimilated into American culture but we took the traditional route to marriage. We wished to honor our love and respect this amazing partnership bestowed upon us by God. Our families were overwhelmed with joy. On September 13th, 2013 she arrived in Los Angeles with her mother. I did not feel as if I was simply picking up my bride to be. Instead, it was as if God was handing over his most treasured angel. Her wings open to embrace her future husband. Our families gathered and the joy was tangible. The following day I proposed to her on top of the city. We saw the world and knew it could be ours as long as we had each other. I never believed in love before I met her. I never wished to get married. Yet with Nazia, I bought her engagement ring before ever seeing her in person. However, I was sure. For I knew that this was a gift I could not let slip away. Thus, we were engaged. A week later as we spoke on the phone we both realized the engagement was not enough to satiate the hunger of our love and passion. We needed more. We require the most holiest of unions. We wanted to get married. We called our families and old them of our plan to wed on October 28. 2013. If I Could... If I could give HER the sky there would be no cloud unseen If I could give HER the land, I'd make every grass green If I could give HER my heart I would pass away If words brought HER joy I would always find something to say If music was the path to HER smile Id sing and take lessons for awhile If food is what gave HER a chill Id order everything and take the bill If rest is what she likes I'd simply watch HER sleep And as I stare I'd fall in love again, so deep If a friend is what she needs, I'll try to be the very best If I could, id be there through every life test If a simple night at home is what YOU crave I would try to plan a night in and even behave But if YOU want to go out and enjoy the town I'd make reservations and take YOU to a show with a new gown If I could give YOU the world I would make sure YOU had a ride So YOU could see it all and have no place to hide If laughter is what YOU need, I would not rest till YOU giggle And even do a stupid dance where my body would wiggle If I could give YOU the perfect man, I promise to keep trying As I fail, I'll take lessons from God while crying If I could give YOU the dream life I know I would And make MY heart all YOU need, if I could, if I could. Now I can, and we can start our life. In the preceding poem I started by referring to that person as, "her" and as the lines progressed, I identified her as, "you". I thank Shaadi for giving me that, "you". For giving me the face to commit that love to. My bride to be always says, "Before we were put aside, ignored, and unseen by the world. But together we shine". Now we shine forever.

Wedding DATE : 28th Oct, 2013
Gazi & Nazia Team congratulates Gazi & Nazia. We wish you both a happy future.
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