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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Deepak Chawla & Shilpi Bhatia (15 October 2013)
Deepak Chawla & Shilpi Bhatia
Deepak Chawla & Shilpi Bhatia
It was my (Deepak Chawla) birthday 10th December'12 (Vadodara,gujarat) 11:30 at night; I was checking mails as usual, I got a mail from notification, stating that someone is interested in you. I checked the link and profile found it of a tall, beautiful, family oriented and educated girl (Shilpi Bhatia,from jodhpur,Rajasthan) as I was in search of, without waiting for a single moment I accepted it and luckily she was online, we started chatting on, shared our views, likes, dislikes what we do and our preferences, it was the first time I had such a long chat with someone on That time I've decided to spend rest of my life with her only. We shared numbers to let each other know what our family say about it. Coz both of us don't wanna take a single step without there consent. Very next day, I had a word with my parents. She met there preferences as well but they deny. That time I broke up totally. Now you must be thinking when the girl was perfect why did they deny?? Actually, unfortunately she is 9 months older to me, for both of us age is just a number but for parents and society its a big issue. Then I took up my phone to text her my parents views, my hands were shivering and heart was broken but I have to... coz I promised her last night. I narrated everything to her, she said ok no issues and wish me luck for partner search n life ahead. She might not be that serious for me as I was.. Days were passing... not a single msg from her thereafter i.e 11th Dec'12.. Then on New Year eve. I was sending wishes to everyone on my phone list n fortunately msg sent to her as well :) which even i didn't knew.. ;) *Galti se kuchh achha hota hai to Galti achhi hai* ;) That time she was on holidays in Singapore with family. She accepted my wishes and replied back too. Her wishes made my day,I started feeling happy again.. :) I used to msg her everyday and wait for reply. We started chatting again like friends. As the days were passing, I was in love with each and every lil habit of hers.. She became an angel for me..I m bit shy kinda guy so proposing was difficult task for me to do. Now wat.. After a big daring, I did proposed her with my fingers crossed and prayers in heart on 15th January'13. This was the biggest challenging task I ever did.. I know what worst can happen is she will deny or I might have loose a good friend..But without any second thought I did it..She was surprised to get such a msg from me. she asked for time to think and reply meanwhile we used to chat regularly.. A week later I got her msg saying "YES i too wanna spend my lyf wid u.. But what about ur parents..they won't accept me.." for the reason i mentioned herein before.. Those three letters "YES" has changed my world but now a more difficult task was in front of me to convince parents coz without there blessings both of us don't wanna move ahead in life. I did promise her to convince my parents.. On 14th Feb i.e valentines day I called her for the first tym ever to express how much I love her.. By the tum both of us getting marriage proposals..but we keep on denying everyone..I again did talk to my parents and trying to convince them to meet her family last they agree and both of our parents decided to meet up on 9th of march.. Finally, our dreamz are about to get fulfilled..both of us are tensed and nervous coz didn't know wat family will decide.. and happy at the same tym to see each other for the first tym ever.. She was sooo beautiful beyond my imagination..I was in love with her more and more..families met and everyone liked everything, and the decision that made our life awesome , wonderful and joyous was taken, "WE GOT ENGAGED" and getting married on 29th November 2013 in Jodhpur. Thank you for such a wonderful, beautiful and awesome gift on my B'Day..The best gift ever in life which turn my life made my dream girl my soul mate.. As the saying goes: Marriages r made in heaven and for me proved as my angel came from there.. The perfect tag line of *Love got arranged by* We are the perfect example of the same..

Wedding DATE : 29th Nov, 2013
Deepak Chawla & Shilpi Bhatia Team congratulates Deepak Chawla & Shilpi Bhatia. We wish you both a happy future.
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