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Shaadi Pride

Bharat & Anita (16 November 2007)
Bharat & Anita
Bharat & Anita
Bharat & Anita
Hello Team!! Yes, Marriages are indeed made in heaven!! It's really hard to pen down so many memories & wonderful moments in one go, but let me give it a try! I had met Bharat and his family in India during Dec 2002 but since he had decided to complete his education first, nothing much came out of our meeting. Four years passed away and we completely lost touch. In these four years I kept on searching and nothing really clicked me. I was never of a opinion to registered myself on Finally my brother registered for me with not so great hopes. Me and my brother had a habit of contacting only those profiles which had photo and enough information, and since Bharat had a profile protected with password, we had missed contacting him. His sister in law found my profile interesting and she contacted me and in return we exchanged information and horoscopes. We preferred to exchange mails before we could personally meet each other. We sure did have some challenges because of distance?initially meeting him sounded very difficult due to distance, but Gods grace, and blessings of our family members worked for us !! Luckily we both and our families could interact very soon!! In our meeting, the more I talked to him and knew about him, the more I was inclined to think that he was the one for me!! I felt an immediate bond with him. Bharat also felt the same, but we wanted little more time to think about the relationship. During this meeting of three hours, we talked a lot about our future, our likes and dislikes, our past, our families and how would we want our future family to be, and possibly anything and everything one can think about under the sun!!! We were very comfortable with each other and the meeting went off well. And as i came to know more about the him, I can say I only found out more reasons to adore him.. We clicked amazingly well!! He had a very less time, I remember, he had asked me one last question at the end of our meeting, and that was "what do you think about us? Do you think we can get along well ? " and I nodded with great pleasure!! We got this bell ringing in our heads that day!! It would be funny if I mention here, that we got engaged just in one day!! I feel that is a wonderful place to find your partner since it provides you all the filters, and tools to search, and interact. I strongly believe that I could not have found a better partner than Bharat anywhere else!! I never though that my marriage would be fixed via a website through!!! Let me take this opportunity to thank god, our families and of course Shaadi team !! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bringing us together!! Our marriage has been fixed on 19th December 07 and I am looking forward to spend my entire life with him!!

Wedding DATE : 19th Dec, 2007
Bharat & Anita Team congratulates Bharat & Anita. We wish you both a happy future.
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