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Shaadi Pride

Vartika & Neil (26 September 2013)
Vartika & Neil
Vartika & Neil
It was a regular day in April. I came back from work and was just surfing through different websites when I decided to check the account. So I logged in and between all the other ‘interests’, this one particularly ‘handsome’ picture and a decent message caught my eye. That particularly handsome man is my husband-to-be now. It’s quite a story. I accepted the request and read through his profile. He is a resident psychiatrist at Vanderbilt, TN-US. The description sounded familiar and it mentioned ‘Tired of dating the wrong people…..’ Oh!! and how I connected to him right at that statement! Culturally bound, parents in India start worrying about their daughter’s marriage the minute you turn 25….. So no different, my parents were beginning to actually worry about my marriage. I was asked to meet a new suitor almost every week but it just never felt right with anyone. I couldn't imagine how my life would be, and for girls who believe in fairy tales, you know what I mean. I always thought I would just magically know (who I’d want to be with for the rest of my life) when I meet him. ‘That’ magical moment did present itself after all. We started ‘skyping’ first and then gradually moved to text messages on ‘Whatsapp’. I was in contact with another suitor from at the same time, no texting though. I had spoken to him just a couple of times in the 2 weeks, while Neil and I were talking almost the whole day, every day. The other suitor then called me one day and said he wanted me to meet his parents and THAT, right there was when I knew I wanted to be Neil’s bride. So, that chapter closed, and Neil and I started talking over the phone. When we figured that the liking was mutual, we decided we should let our parents know, so we did. My parents weren’t very keen on this in the beginning because of their apprehension about Neil being settled in the US. They had a hard time getting over their fears and it took us almost 3 months to convince them. His family was extremely supportive and they spoke to my parents a number of times to calm their fears down. Neil was very patient and supportive. Eventually as my parents agreed, I also knew we had already fallen in love. As much as we’re thankful to both our families, we’re extremely grateful to, for giving us a platform through which we were able to find our ‘Perfect Match’ and for making this part of my life an actual fairy tale. We’re very excited and looking forward to our lives together. To everyone who is still looking, trust me, you WILL KNOW, when you meet your “Mr Right”. When they say matches are made in heaven, our’s was made in heaven and ‘’ executed destiny’s plan for us. Our Hindu wedding is on November 28th, 2013. A big Thank you to the Shaadi Team for ‘arranging our love marriage’! Regards, Neil and Vartika

Wedding DATE : 28th Nov, 2013
Vartika & Neil Team congratulates Vartika & Neil. We wish you both a happy future.
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