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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Rachna & Vivek (17 September 2013)
Rachna & Vivek
It was just an ordinary day of December and I was on study leave from my office for one of the subjective exam. After a long hours reading, to have a change I switched on my PC and visited several frequent visiting sites, was one of them. In fact, it was after a week I was visiting that site. To have a quick view, I have visited 10-15 profiles matches. While going through swiftly, I saw one profile of Rachna Vyas. I believe in famous Hindi saying "Din main ek baar Sarashwatiji Zubaan pe basti hai" so while that time if you wish something you will get it, I thought of same and wish if I can marry this girl. I took around 8 minutes for reading her profile thoroughly and at the end I realized; I could NOT be the ideal match for her, considering the preferences of eating habits, education, and physical build as well as look wise even. Even through knowing the result I have given a try and expressed my Interest for her. Honestly that day I expressed interest for 3 girls and was not expecting much in return. Subsequently three days later, my phone beeps up and I saw a mail saying congratulations your interest has been accepted by some xxx girl. I was feeling good but not happy as I was waiting for something else. I was expecting Rachna to at least go through my profile before reaching to any conclusion, even though its rejection. Finally a day later, I received an alert saying congratulation; Rachna Vyas has accepted your interest. Since that time we started to chat with each other. Endure of chatting one day we decided to meet each other, in fact that was against of her wish but i knew she would be interested in meeting in personnel to a guy whom she’s chatting for last several weeks. We met at Cafe Coffee day considering that would be nearest to her office and would be convenient to reach home. We had a long chat on general topic nothing specific. I found her slightly loud while talking but thanks we were the only two in cafe that time so, nobody would be getting disturbed. I could not see any make up on her face or any accessories to complement her beauty. A mole near her nose was clearly visible. She was not comfortable making eye contact. She was very simple in overall appearance but more on Punjabi kudi convincing look. A day itself I thought to marry her if everything goes well. After several subsequent meeting I managed to gain her consent to marry me positively and arranged her meeting with my parents for their permission as well as I met her parent too, for the final acceptance. We have gone through several up and downs throughout our parent’s acceptance process and after a month or so, we fixed to tie a knot with each other. Regards, Vivek Baniya

Rachna & Vivek Team congratulates Rachna & Vivek. We wish you both a happy future.
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