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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L (30 July 2013)
Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L
Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L
Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L
EK DUJE KE LIYE BANE HUM TO Team Millions of thanks to Mr. Anupam Mittal CEO and each and every team member of I still remember the day when I meet my hubby in I was very lonely , I lost my parents . I always wanted a good husband who can really understand me, love me and care me a lot. I didn?t had desire for anything except a good husband with good heart. I was upset too as I was getting older and older. One fine morning that is on 7th of May 2013 it was Thursday, after doing my morning prayer I came online on Suddenly I saw Mr. Thakor Lad?s profile and his photo. I just send him interest but at the same time I felt that he might not respond me. But to my surprise I saw he accepted my interest and replied me that he is also interest in me. We than started chatting at that very moment. He asked my name and my mobile number. He immediately called me and we spoke for few minutes. He asked my name and about my place. Then he disconnected the phone saying he will speak to me later on. On 8th May when I came online he as not there. But I don?t know I felt something is missing, so I mailed him. After some time he replied that he is in work and will speak to me later on. Since Saturday was his off day , he called me and spoke over the phone for couple of hours although I was feeling sleepy, I tried to listen him. He told me that he likes me very much. But need to know each other at first. I asked him only if he is serious in getting marry then I will continue speaking to him else I don?t want to spend my time. He told he is serious but ?if I cant marry you then please forgive me?) . As he is in UK there is time difference of 5 hours. So we kept on talking to each other everyday for couple of hours. In between we came to know that there are many similarities between us. Our likes and dislikes are almost same. He likes cooking so do I. He likes to lead a simple life , same here, our behavior and many more. And above all the most important thing was he is really a good human. So we came closer and closer to each other and did not realize we were in love with each other. And above all the most important thing was that I got the person I was looking for, he cares me like my mom , loves me like my dad, he shares everything with me as my brothers and sisters and friend too . It is strange that we never met personally except in skype, we saw each other. Without meeting we took the decision to get marry. He took leave for two weeks and came to marry me right from UK to Assam(India) . He is Gujarati and I am Assamese so a bond of east and west. I was very excited at the same time scared if he rejects me after seeing me personally. On 7th July I was waiting in Dibrugarh Airport to receive Mr. Thakor Lad , soon I saw him , O My God my heart started beating fast. I ran to him , he hugged me and presented a cute little Teddy which I was very fond of .He hugged me and kissed me. Thank God ?I was very happy at the same time all my fear disappeared as he accepted me although I am of dark complexion. He came to my place Namrup. His brother and sister in law arrived after sometime from Gujarat. We had our register marriage on 9th July and social marriage on 11th July with all our family members. So we are now happily married waiting for my visa so that I could be with him each and every moment forever. Although he is far away from but he keeps on calling me every now and then. He is my life my Sweet heart. Once again thanks to for giving me such a wonderful life partner. Our wishes are for shaadi team. May you achieve success and success and success ??.and lot more. JAI SHREE KRISHNA. From Mr and Mrs Thakor Lad

Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L Team congratulates Sabitri Koiri & Thakor L. We wish you both a happy future.
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