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Shaadi Pride

Sanjay Krishna & Priya Shinde (15 June 2013)
Sanjay Krishna & Priya Shinde
Sanjay Krishna & Priya Shinde
It was 3 plus years trying to find a suitable match for myself .Failed ....frustate ...still not lost the hope no means ,wanted to compromise .After 3 plus long year search ,finally I found ,someone ,who is exactly opposite (atleast in most of the cases) of mine.She was a maharastrian ,pure veg,a social worker ,does not know cooking ,Loves to sleep late at Night ...UFFFF ! Whereas , I was a Telugu Chap (though born and bought up in north) ,pure NON-Veg , an Employee with a Private firm, Sleeps early ,loves cooking,health freak(she never played any game) ......! I saw her pic , she was beautiful in one of the three pics .I have sent the request to approve my proposal in saw and(as per her) she rejected it ! but alas! instead of rejection she accepted the proposal ! (wow) .It was a wrong press of the button.Anyways ,i got the phone number as she accepted the request by mistake.I called her ,she did not able to recollect (obvious ),she rejected me .But after ,the conversation with me and back check from her side ,she found that she accepted the proposal . HMM...MY FORTUNE ..she liked the way i spoke to her .But ,not very sure to take it forward.I wanted to meet her ..I convienced her to meet and we met at Mumbai .She was beautiful and very beautiful & too good for me. Infact , for the first time met a lady with BRAIN and she was beautiful too ...(her work ,her helping Nature,many more) Honestly ,she was so beautiful that ,i overlooked other socialite qualities. I think , i was in love , the day i saw her ...HMMMM but am sure she was not sure about me .After 4 hours long conversation ,we departed ,came back to Hyderabad .I could not sleep and messaged her ...I Said " i know i dont deserve you ,you are very beautiful , but still believe in God" She replied "get married to GOD" .I was happy to see her message for the reason atleast she has responded .I got an opportunity to talk to her ,and noticed ,she is also developing interest on me . One day she said " i will come to Hyderabad to meet you and your family" .I said "WOW ,shall i book the tickets for tomorrow ?" . She was in Hyderabad ,couple of days later along with her best friend( She informed her parents and they were liberal ).I went to pick her from airport ,second time saw her ,She was beautiful than earlier ! I welcomed her into the house ,felt butterfly in my stomach but happy too . She had the food ,i cooked for her .ALAS! she hates RAJMA and dont eat paneer too ( 90 % of veg she does not eat) .Dissappointment ! Anyways , same night we went for a dinner ,spent good time with each other ,came back to home .I directed her to the bedroom for the rest along with her friend .Next morning, i was going to office , she sent a sms ...was shocking for me ...." I can marry you ". I said WOW ! WOW WOW !. I was in cloud Nine could not resist myself and said "I Love you Priya" She said "i love you too" .but proclaimed , its upto my parents to decide for further course of action.It will be on their interest .She Said " we will get married only if my parents approve "!. I was sure , her family cannot reject me .I can prove my marketing skills. It happened ,eventually we married . We are different , infact quite opposite to each other, most of the things we do, FOOD ,music, habits and many more .Its going to be three years of our marriage on 18th june .We fight a lot ...loads of argument discussion , we dont stay together for months due to her socialite work(profession) in maharastra and my job at Hyderabad .But ,Honestly , we love each other a lot ... A LOT . Thank you !!!

Wedding DATE : 18th Jun, 2010
Sanjay Krishna & Priya Shinde Team congratulates Sanjay Krishna & Priya Shinde. We wish you both a happy future.
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