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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Nidhi & Sanjeev (03 September 2007)
Nidhi & Sanjeev
Nidhi & Sanjeev
Nidhi & Sanjeev
Our story is one unique love story that brought one Canadian born Gujarati and one Punjabi born "Haryanan" together. Sanjeev and I met two years back on your site, despite not wanting to meet someone from a far away country like India, I still somehow accepted his request to correspond, some magical fate compelled me to do so. My first email to Sanjeev was letting him know that I was interested in only friendship as I felt that the distance and culture was too grand for us to find any compatibility amongst one another. With that email written I expected our friendship to last perhaps only two to three days. I was completely wrong! From that day on we wrote to each other at least once a day. We became wonderful friends and started chatting through the webcam. He was so handsome, so sweet, so funny and so cute, but atlast I could not get over the fact that he lived so far and being together just seemed impossible, so we remained the best of friends and decided to tell one another all our secrets and dating stories. Fast forward. After one year, I decided to take our friendship to another step. I called him to see if we could communicate through my broken Hindi and his broken English. With no surprise, Sanjeev was even more pleasing to speak with on the phone, his character shined through his voice and his sense of humor seemed so much more alive through voice expressions. Soon after, our once/twice a week phone calls turned into daily calls. We would express interest in one another but at the same time tried to play it off and suggest that it was sort of an impossible situation for us, that maybe we just get along because we are meant to be friends and that's it! Eventually reality slowly started to hit me and I stopped ignoring the fact that each time I would go on coffee dates with other guys Sanjeev would stick in my mind and I could not wait to go home and talk to him. I was in denial that I had new feelings for Sanjeev. At this time Sanjeev expressed the same feelings but we just didn't know how possible it would be to see one another. Finally, after feeling this gut feeling I decided to stop dating others and just enjoy my moments/talks/friendship with Sanjeev. My moto in life became, seize the moment and whatever happens next you will have to deal with at that time, but just enjoy these lovely feelings in your heart. Those feelings led me to book my ticket to India for the summer. I just couldn't take the suspense anymore and wanted to finalize the name of our "relationship", we were just meant to be friends or something else? With all faith in God's hands, my eyes closed and very little thoughts I got on the plane to fly to India on the 30th of June. With many nerves my plane arrived at Delhi Airport. Sanjeev picked me and my father up and everything just felt like a dream come true from that moment on. We hit it off from our first hug. It was true love. At that point I knew why God had brought me to India. It was the most spiritual/romantic experience of my life. There was no doubt in my mind that Sanjeev was the one for me and probably was the one for me from past lives and for lives to come. His family was amazing and we became the talk of the Ambala neighbourhood, we were the couple with the "love story". It was a great moment in my life to also show the locals how cultured a Canadian born Indian girl can be! We got married on August 6th, 2007. I met my love and my new second family through this wonderful site along with God's blessings. I used for at least three years before I met Sanjeev and have always felt that it was one of the best ways to meet people and explore what it is that you are looking for. I recommend it to all...and I also recommend no filters because you just never know where your "hero" or "heroine" is (I never thought mine would be in India)...give it a try I know you'll enjoy the experience. And finally never under estimate the "power of love"!

Nidhi & Sanjeev Team congratulates Nidhi & Sanjeev. We wish you both a happy future.
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