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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Shailesh & Abornita (14 May 2013)
Shailesh & Abornita
Shailesh & Abornita
My family and I had just returned from my best friend's wedding in India and my mom's first project was to get me married ASAP. I on the other hand wanted to fly like a free bird for as long as I could. After a week of serious emotional blackmailing from my family I decided the best way to keep everyone happy and sane was to create a profile so everyone thinks I'm actively searching. While all this was happening in my house in New Jersey my cousin in India also created a profile and she started meeting a few nice guys (in fact she found her "one" through as well) then I thought to myself, "I know I will never meet the person I'm meant to spend the rest of my life with online however there is no harm in exploring my options." So for the first time I decided to go on my account and look through everyone that had sent me an interest. There were a few that I considered would be a good match for me and I accepted, I even started communicating with two of them. One lived 5 minutes away from me and the other lived about an hour, we made plans to meet but nothing seemed to work out. I was communicating with them for about a week when I decided that online dating may not be my thing so I logged onto my account to deactivate it however just out of curiosity I went to see who else had expressed interest in me and there he was 'Star Traveler' as soon as I saw his picture I couldn't help but feel a little giddy inside, there was this unprecedented urge to get to know this stranger whom I had only seen a picture of. I went on his profile his mutual interests and the words he wrote for his future mate gave me this feeling that somehow this is the person I've been searching for, and here he is 27 years later on a matrimonial website. I obviously accepted his interest, from that moment on I don't think I ever logged myself off from, I downloaded the app to my phone incase he comes online and wanted to chat I must be available at all times. Every time my phone buzzed for the next few days I rushed to it hoping it was him but no luck. Almost a week went by with no news from Star Traveler I was really disappointed because I hadn't felt that way in ages. On Tuesday Jan 29, 2013 after a very exhausting work day I came home, I was just about to sit and have tea with mom when my phone buzzed. I glanced at my phone and I saw I had a message from without even looking at who had sent me a message I started screaming out of joy that he had finally responded. I immediately called my cousin in India (who was the only person, beside my sister who knew exactly how desperately I was waiting to hear back from this guy). As I was logging onto my shaadi account the thought came to me that I had actually not checked who messaged me, I had just assumed it was him. Somehow my heart knew it was him and I was right finally he had responded with his contact details. I immediately sent him an email AND a text message. We started communicating it felt like I had known him forever. His love for music and my passion for dance instantly brought alive the artists in us, his future goals and mine meshed together like they were two halves of the same dream, the sound of his laughter made my soul come alive and at this point I had only spoken to him on the phone. I was supposed to come to the West Coast (which is where he's from) for work second week of March so we decided we'd meet in person then. However February 14, 2013 he calls to tell me (and probably the best decision ever) that he's coming to New Jersey to meet me that weekend. To be honest I don't know where that weekend went from the moment I picked him up from the airport it was magic. When he kissed me goodbye that Sunday and drove away I knew he took my soul from me in that last kiss. For the first time in 27 years I realized what it was to actually fall in love. He is without a doubt my entire reason for being, my better half and I can't wait to be his wife Dec 7, 2013. From someone that has been the biggest advocate of online dating being a waste of time, today I admit that without i wouldn't have met my love, my life. I had given up hope that I'd ever meet my one and only. I have no words thank for being the median I met him through. I only hope our story inspires another non believer to take this chance because this actually works and we are living proof of it. Thank you

Wedding DATE : 7th Dec, 2013
Shailesh & Abornita Team congratulates Shailesh & Abornita. We wish you both a happy future.
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