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Dinesh & Manju (30 March 2013)
Dinesh & Manju
Dinesh & Manju
Dinesh & Manju
DINESH expressed interest in Manju's profile and Manju accepted Dinesh?s interest on 2/6/2012 Our relations flourished through emails exchange first then pictures exchange and finally culminating in her kind visit to New York from June 3 through August 31. We were married in Brooklyn, NY on 7/17/12. Followed by a wedding party and her departure on August 1 for Brisbane, Australia for closing/wrapping up of her daily transactions, rearranging her accounts and wait for U.S. immigration process. And then return to U.S.A. Finally, we look forward to having one expense for two of us for rent, electric, gas, television, telephone, internet, grocery and other common expenses. Manju gave Dinesh in gifts a sports shirt, a jumper, shoes and 20 ct gold band. Dinesh gave Manju a diamond ring. As far as compatibility is concerned, we are both positive. Mature adults from the same country (India), follow the same religion (Hinduism), have shared the same language/apartment, done many things together. Dinesh found Manju to be a very clean lady. Manju immediately removes even smallest stain on clothes. Dinesh loves Manju?s food and cooking. What more can one ask for? There is no end to checking. Our precious life is going away. Wherever there are differences we are accommodating Manju is scared to lie. Manju?s hands and fingers are artistic. Dinesh and Manju exchange lot of Bollywood love songs. Ever since Dinesh met Manju, time has gone by very quickly. The compatibility has to be established before marriage which we had done. By mind and heart we are both teenagers. True there are differences that each brings to the table by virtue of age and lifetime experiences. Manju is scared to lie. Both of us have married adult well educated and firmly placed two children. Manju has one married and one unmarried son. Dinesh has a married son and one unmarried daughter. Both are very proud of their children?s accomplishments and have large extended families. Manju and Dinesh believe in the following guiding principles of life and have confirmed the same by exchanging emails: Be Positive Always !!! Our intuition is telling us that we would be so good together, she with her perfections/imperfections and he with his perfections/imperfections - Just PERFECT for each other. We can only add more value (enhance) each other's lives. We will seek advantages wherever we can and mutually do what is good for two of us together.‏ Together we can Confidential, Listen to Hindi songs,see Hindi movies - rent. have whatever we want,enjoy Indian food, Go for Temple visits , Go for Workouts, Go to attend shayri, gazal, concerts, religious functions and other programs,Visit museums etc., Live/travel luxuriously,Go for Shopping,Take Medical insurance,There is no limit We agreed that open/immediate communications are very crucial to a successful relationship. We consider it to be important whether one is compatible and whether one can spend time in peace and cordiality. God does not ask how many credit cards have you brought with you or how many carat diamonds did you possess. Sad but true how small we human beings are and how much importance one gives to material comforts. Let us make this life sweet and pleasant. If the initial positive chemistry exists than one can work and build on a relationship. It is union of two people who love and care for each other. We also believe that honesty, trust, friendship and communications are foundations of any relationship. Best regards, Dinesh Mehta

Wedding DATE : 17th Jul, 2012
Dinesh & Manju Team congratulates Dinesh & Manju. We wish you both a happy future.
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