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Shaadi Pride

Nikhil Naik & Manali Deshmukh (25 March 2013)
Nikhil Naik & Manali Deshmukh
OUR STORY FIRST CONTACT We were unknown to each other like any other stranger in this world. Long heard saying came true that day ?JODIYA UPAR SE BAN KAR AATI HAI.? Rightly said; it was our day!! I met my life partner on a very unusual time. People find their life partners in day time but we were totally opposite. I found her at midnight 2:06 a.m. on 6th Oct?2012 when I greeted her with?Hi? Stars and moon were our witness and the story went so ahead that now we are GETTING MARRIED! SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IS MADE FOR YOU?And SHAADI.COM played a vital role in finding that special someone for me. ALL THANKS TO SHAADI.COM :) The Story After working late hours on laptop, I decided to login onto once before going to sleep. This was the time when I found a member online on a chat room on this site. She was none other than MISS. MANALI DESHMUKH. After going through her entire profile I was damn worried if she would accept my invitation to chat further. But to my surprise she responded immediately to my invitation. While chatting she was constantly reviewing my profile.I was worried because she had pursued her Masters in London andto me it was a very big thing as I haven?t travelled or ever thought of travelling overseas so far. After acceptance we quickly got comfortable with each other. We exchanged our thoughts, likes and dislikes, education and family background in overall chat. And the best thing was our LIKES were mostly similar so we enjoyed chatting with each other and throughout our chat the flow was continuous and uninterrupted. At around 02:40 a.m. she matched our Patrika online. 32 contributing points matched, but sad to say it was a wrong info. As timing mentioned in my profile was mistaken. Instead of PM it was AM. This was revealed next day so we rechecked and extra 2 points were added making it 34 as a best patrika. Our chat went on and on for more than 2hrs. By the end of chat I peeped into my watch and to my surprise it was 04:26 a.m. Finally we ended the chat with a BIG SMILE on face. Then next day 7th Oct 2012, We showed profiles to our respective families and there was a quick acceptance from both the sides. On the same weekend our parents decided to meet. And finally after the meet, my DAD called me up and said she is ?FIRST CLASS?. Just hearing these two words I was overwhelmed and couldn?t control my feelings to share this thing with her instantly. The next weekend their family invited us at their residence to see the BRIDE. And we both were so damn excited and nervous too (Not Me..hahaha). One thing I need to add here, after talking for two weeks on phone, we had already got so much attached to each other that it was almost decided from both of us that we will say YES to each other. Meantime our family also got aware of most of the things as we did daily conversation . One more thanks to this platform for making our day to day communication so easy.So hardly we had anything to chat when we met each other for the first time at their home. It was a very WARM and GRAND welcome at their beautiful home in Dombivli. MEHMAN NAWAZI madhekahi kami nahvati..esp. GulabJamun treat my fav..We both were so nervous when we saw each other for the first time.But things went smoothly. We were given privacy to talk with each other for making final decision on our relationship. Undoubtedly it was YES..YES..YES from both of us. That was the time I felt I got my DREAM GIRL in my life as I was already fallen in LOVE with her. I was SOOOOOO happy and speechless? Best moment of my life!! HAPPY START OF NEW LIFE!!!!!!!!

Wedding DATE : 30th May, 2013
Nikhil Naik & Manali Deshmukh Team congratulates Nikhil Naik & Manali Deshmukh. We wish you both a happy future.
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