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Shaadi Pride

Pankaj & Joyeeta (28 April 2006)
Pankaj & Joyeeta
Pankaj & Joyeeta
Pankaj & Joyeeta
Joyeeta: I put up my profile in January of 2004 and by the time June 2005 came around, things were starting to look pretty bleak.

I had met and talked to so many members but nothing ever seemed to click. Just about to lose hope and take my profile out, my maasi who was visiting from India convinced me to create a new profile. So i just changed my profile name to Rinku_ca. Within 3 days, Pankaj contaced me from Seattle.

Pankaj: I had been on for about 6 months and on other online dating sites before that for almost 2 years; and I had met a couple other people, but nothing clicked. Then I saw Joyeeta's profile in the daily mail from She lived in Canada, and I was restricting my searches to the US (stupid me), so she would've never shown up in my searches otherwise!

I loved the way she wrote about herself, and how long her profile was. I was only concerned about one thing - she was looking for someone at least 2 inches taller than I am :). Dejected, I waited a few days and then I figured ... what the hell. If she wants to say no, she will, right :)? So I contacted her.

Joyeeta: At first i was a little apprehensive, I didn't want a long dist. relationship and his height requirements weren't exactly what i had hoped for ;), but his profile was so nicely done that you could look right into this person and tell how sweet he was. So i accepted his contact, and we started emailing. Within a week, he suggested we talk on the phone. I will never forget our first conversation, i was so nervous and he was so sweet, made me feel at ease and even sang for me at my request. Thus this is how our story began.....

Pankaj: She took a few days to respond. Grrr :). I think it took her that long to realize that maybe I wasn't 5 inches taller, only 3 inches taller that her, but it *might* just work ;-). Anyway, we started emailing right away. And I felt the connection right then. With other people that I had talked to on or on other online sites, it took me at least a month or two to move from the first contact to email to phone. With her, I couldn't wait. Within a week, I suggested we talk on the phone, and it was great!

Pretty soon we were dying to see each other. I bought my ticket, and just a few weeks after I first contacted her, I went to Toronto to see her. Things clicked really, really well. She visited me in Seattle after that, and we decided to tell our parents we had found the one!

Joyeeta: An incident which will grace every story telling opportunity in our family... So when Pankaj flew down to Toronto the first time, I was at work and i couldn't go to pick him up at the airport. My dad offered to do that, so Pankaj met my dad first and spent 1 hr in the car with him. Kudos to the two of them for being so brave :)!!!! We had such a fabulous time when he came down, it was heart breaking to see him leave. Within a month i went to Seattle and we realized that we had found the "right" person. Our family was ecstatic to hear the news.

Pankaj: I have to tell you - I was one of the people who never imagined this "chat mangni, pat byah" scenario. I always wanted to meet someone, take a year or two to get to know the person, and then think about getting married. But you meet the right person, and all your previous plans fall by the wayside. Once I'd met Joyeeta, I could not wait a year or two. It was hard enough to wait a few months!

We got married on February 6, 2006. She is now here in Seattle, and our married life has started. I am looking forward to spending the rest of my life with this amazing woman :)! Thank you,!

Joyeeta: Our wedding day and all the days leading upto it were amazing. Our families got along so well and there was so much love, i feel so lucky. Even luckier that i get to spend the rest of my life with such a great guy who is my everything!!

Thank you!

Pankaj & Joyeeta Team congratulates Pankaj & Joyeeta. We wish you both a happy future.
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