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Shaadi Pride

Ranjani & Arun (09 November 2005)
Ranjani & Arun
Ranjani & Arun
Ranjani & Arun
We tied the knot on July 1st ,2005 in Mumbai.

It is often said "There is nothing beautiful in life than a young couple clasping hands and pure hearts in the path of marriage". This is the exact moment we are going through and that's what has helped us achieve. My intention of creating a profile was very simple. I wanted to interact with & understand the person before I considered sharing my life with her. And I found an ideal match who believed in and stood by the saying, "Love the one you marry". Ranjani posted her profile on Shaadi on 25th July,2004 and exactly a week later (2nd August,2004),I contacted her.

Mine was the first contact she accepted and probably had a soft corner for the same.We exchanged id's and began chatting. To elaborate further, we agreed upon some basic rules just to make sure both were serious about marriage. It was 'NOT' like a week of chat sessions followed by a week of phone conversations and then the meet and getting engaged. Ranjani was against a phone conversation at the initial stage despite the 2 of us being in the USA at that time and she preferred chats to the former.

We both were keen on knowing each other and we covered varied subjects and discussed future career plans etc. We were two patient souls (chatting for 4 months, without a telephonic conversation or a meet) knowing and sharing what exactly we needed. Once we understood and accepted each other, the season of compromises and adjustments started blooming. We never discussed marriage until a month's chat. As it is said "Your adventure will start, once your choice is made", that's exactly what happened. Before taking the matter to our parents, we needed to make sure that we had clarity on our thoughts ,views and choice. We finally intimated our parents about our choice.

EUREKA!!! When I mentioned about Ranjani to my mom, she immediately acknowledged knowing her. It was all due to Ranjani's profession (She's a performing violinist/vocalist) and my mom was aware of a lot many people in that circle. My mom had already seen Ranjani and heard her at a few of her performances. And that was like half job done. Everyone (Ranjani, her parents as well as my parents) were keen on a horoscope match Ranjani and her parents were vacationing at her brother's place in the USA .So discussions about marriage were much easier at her end. But it was me who had to bridge the geographical distance over the phone and had to discuss the match with my parents who are in Mumbai. Our chats moved to the next level and we realized that we had a family friend in common and Ranjani's aunt knew my family well and we also had lots of other common contacts ,which hastened the process.

After family intervention, we exchanged horoscopes and continued our chat sessions till we finally heard from the astrologer.I was on an official trip to India in November and by December,Ranjani was back in Mumbai.. The astrology factor,having given us a green signal,we finally met in December. Our 4 month long chats on Shaadi and the family bonding proved fruitful and paved the way for a successful match. the and the rest is history now. I returned to the USA in January and from where I left it,parents picked it up ,decided and finalized the much awaited day.

Ranjani owes a "SPECIAL WORD OF THANKS" to her sister,her brother and bhabhi and her friends who helped and guided her well;with her decisions through the process.

WHATS MOST AMUSING AND WONDERFUL !!!!! IS THE FACT THAT Ranjani had spent 2 decades of her life at Andheri (W) and my residence is at Andheri (E); the geographical distance separating us, being a mere 5 kms. There have been instances of probabilities where we might have banged into each other but we never realized that until now. But ultimately , we met on, thousands of miles away, here in the USA.

So,in short, If you are keen on marriage, is the ideal site to place your profile and get noticed. You will be able to find even the girl/guy next door and communicate in a manner which is much easier,simpler and most reliable. Though it has been an extremely time consuming marathon activity, we never felt it. Time and energy spent during the initial stage was considered 'as important as' laying the perfect foundation stone for any monument.

I was very keen on sharing my success and letting Shaadi know, that if it was not for you all , I would have never experienced this ecstasy and this sense of accomplishment (of achieving my ideal better half) and I sincerely thank you wholeheartedly. Appreciating your site in a few words is a difficult task but yet I would like to throw light on these features which impressed us and helped us a great lot.

- "The ability to post multiple photos in the album ;these photos being screened and posted.
- "The smart search feature, which really cuts down your search by a thousand profiles and the abilty to retain and save this search criteria.
- "The ability to temporarily hide your profile.
- "The Shaadi messenger system.
- "The activity factor which helps to gauge the seriousness of the profile holder by way of his visits to the profile.
- "The profile page being so very precise and beautifully giving almost every essential detail at 1 go.
- "The filteration feature which again is a boon(this especially helped Ranjani,a great lot) and...
- "Imagine all this happening at the click of a mouse button".

I guess the list goes on and on..."

Finally, I would like to end my blissful experience with these few words, "Accept the things to which fate binds you and love the people whom fate brings you to; but to do so with all your heart ... Create a profile at"

Ranjani & Arun Team congratulates Ranjani & Arun. We wish you both a happy future.
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