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Shaadi Pride

Daniel & Rema (30 June 2007)
Daniel & Rema
Daniel & Rema
Daniel & Rema
Being from two different cultures on opposite sides of the globe, our story, the story of Rema and Daniel is quite unusual. Both of us take notice that we have been divinely blessed. We have literally watched our destinies unfold before our eyes in the past year and a half. We have seen, first-hand, the workings of powers greater than ourselves touching our lives in answer to our prayers. How many times in the past did I proclaim to give up searching for my one true love, but resolved to start again? Thousands. Year after year began passing. More years passed, and more years passed. Where was she? Where was my true love? I began to lose faith. Growing older and seeing all of my friends getting married was really difficult. What was the problem? I did not know. All of my life I prepared to be the kind of man who would be a good husband, a good provider, a dad and a friend. What was to come of all this preparation? Would I go completely through life without a love of my own? The road to love was far too long, and I had grown terribly weary. All I could do was hope and pray that the woman of my dreams would somehow appear. Daily I asked myself, ?What could be keeping her?? Some do not believe in pure intuition. Intuition is not inspired by experience, logic or the progression of events. Intuition is something all to itself. My intuition has guided me well through life, and I had learned long ago to trust it. There was something in the back of my mind had taken years for me to recognise. Something was telling me to look in India for my bride. I didn't know why my intuition was guiding me to India. But if my intuition said to look in India, that's where I would look. I know we all still find it a bit unusual to look for love using computers, but I didn?t have many more options if I was to be looking in India. The other option would be to go to India and simply wander about, searching door to door. That was an idea that I would have to pursue if more technical means didn?t work out. I decided to search the Internet for very reputable dating and marriage websites. Finding romance on the Internet is sometimes very risky, and I had learned just how risky it was by first-hand experience some years ago. It was paramount for me to be cautious this time and to proceed very carefully. I didn't know if I could withstand being hurt after having waited so long and after having tried so hard in the past. I found It seemed like the right choice. It had a good reputation, and I found nothing negative at all about it anywhere on the net. I was not simply interested in dating; I was looking for the woman of my destiny. was the right fit for my needs. I put my profile on, and I put on the best picture of myself I could find. In the profile, I basically poured my heart out. My intention was to show that I was sincere and to impart who I was with only words as my tools. I was happy to get responses. The very first response I received was from a woman named Rema, who seemed like a really nice and positive person. Her picture showed a reserved smile. It started me wondering what her smile would be like if she did not hold back. We began a conversation by e-mail. It was a quiet conversation, but I liked how it felt. Rema expressed herself so well. After a time, however, our e-mails became less frequent. It got to the point where weeks went by, and I did not hear from Rema. I sent her an e-mail to see if something had happened. Rema wrote back and told me that she had grown frustrated by the lack of progress we were making. She didn't see the point in endless e-mails. Oh, and I realized that because I was trying to be too careful and was taking things too slowly, I almost lost her. I replied to Rema and expressed that I truly was interested in her, and promised to move things along. I was so thankful that she agreed to continue to correspond with me. We talked over the telephone. I really liked our conversation. She had such a warm voice. Very soon we began talking about meeting each other. Some would shy away from going halfway around the world to meet someone for the first time. When pondering such a big step, I remembered the words of an unusual Hollywood actor when commenting on his success in the film industry. He said that he always asked himself, ?Are you willing to do what it takes to get what you want?? Thinking about what he said made things very clear. If I was to find success in love, I had to take courageous steps. It was a very difficult time in other aspects of my life when I set out for Mumbai last May. But I was full of hope on all fronts. We only had a short time, because I could not afford to be away from home very long. It did take a lot of courage to leave my familiar homeland behind for a place so far away, especially with the difficulties going on at home. I didn?t know much about what India would be like. What I did know is that I could trust Rema, and I knew that I was in good hands. Mumbai is a shock for anyone from a small city of 50,000 people. From the moment I stepped out of the airport, I was aware that I was truly in another world. There was so much activity going on everywhere. There were so many people! I watched intently out of the window of the transport Rema had prepared to bring me to my hotel. What unusual sites for a small town American. It was exciting. I had a short time to prepare before meeting Rema outside the hotel. While freshening up with a shower and a change of clothes, I wondered how it would be to stand face to face. There was a bit of a comical mix up that delayed our first meeting. I was still inside the hotel gate waiting for her to arrive, and Rema was just outside the hotel waiting for me to appear. I went to my room again and again to check the time and to check the phone. For a short time I wondered if she had changed her mind about meeting me. With the help of the hotel manager, we finally connected. What a wonderful woman and what a beautiful smile! I finally was able to see the smile I imagined. She didn?t hold back, and her soul shined through. Then and there, I knew she was the One. Although it was a short visit, it was no less than magical. Rema took me places that had meaning to her life. She was a wonderful host and had planned things very well. We met her sister, Maya, who has always been very supportive of our getting together. After seeing Rema?s smile, I was looking for the right time to propose. What?s funny is that the right time seemed to find us. Because it was simply too hot for me one afternoon, we broke away from a sightseeing bus tour and went on our own. We had lunch, took in a Bollywood movie and made it to Marine drive late in the day. We sat side-by-side at the sea?s edge. After learning that I enjoyed writing and recording songs, Rema had remarked that she wanted to hear me sing. I remarked rather accurately, that my singing sounded like two cats fighting. She would hear nothing of it, and politely encouraged a song sometime during my visit. I had a small plan of my own about that song. I selected one called Eternal Flame. It was done by a popular group in the 1980?s called The Bangles. Although a popular song, it was pretty. It touched even the supposedly tough and masculine Daniel. There on the shore, with the wind and the waves of the sea as my accompaniment, and Rema in my arms, I quietly sang Eternal Flame. And when I was done, I said, ?My lovely?? ?Yes?? Rema said. To which I replied, ?Will you marry me?? Rema?s answer was Yes! And, in that moment, our lives changed forever. Today I am a man whose life has been completely changed by the miracle of love. Without, that miracle would not have happened. So let me thank from the bottom of my heart. The Shaadi Team has changed our lives! -Daniel I always believed in a fairy tale romantic notion that there was a perfect man made for me, my soul mate and that the two of us would meet someday. After several boy meets girl rituals set up by my parents, I put up my profile on Shaadi. Com. Five years of an intensive search and with no hope in the horizon, frustration began to set in and I almost lost hope of ever finding my soul mate. It was in October 2005 when I first made contact with Daniel Cook from Arizona, USA. The very first time I looked at Daniel?s photo, his eyes captivated me. It was as if they were speaking to me. I couldn?t quite understand it but I was drawn towards them. Little did I know at that point that I had already made contact with my soul mate. What followed was a series of mails for the next four months. Daniel then began to plan his trip to come down to India to see me in person. We finally met on 17th May 2006 and spend six magical days with each other in Mumbai. On 22nd May he proposed to me next to Air India building on Marine Drive by singing the song ?Eternal flame? by Bangles. That was the most touching and romantic moment of my life. We had come to the end of our long and arduous search for a life partner. Daniel also sought my parent?s approval and we got married two months later on 4th August 2006 in a small temple located in Chembur. After my Visa comes through I will be joining my husband in Arizona. Daniel is a Native American and I am a Malayali, born and brought up in Mumbai. We have totally different backgrounds but these very differences make our relationship more exciting and stimulating. Very often the two of us are overwhelmed as we find it difficult to believe our good luck. There is such an abundance of love and happiness in our lives every single day. Had it not been for Shaadi this union of the east and the west would never have been possible. So all you guys out there please don?t give up, you never know what God has in store for you. Just like I found my Prince Charming on Shaadi you will find your mate too. Daniel in one his earlier mails had quoted ? When one has the will and vision to make dreams come to life, distances can become very short. India would not be too far to travel to meet you ?. It is not just enough to dream but to turn that dream into reality. And that is what we did?. worked on our dreams. Good luck to all you guys!!!! - Rema

Wedding DATE : 4th Aug, 2006
Daniel & Rema Team congratulates Daniel & Rema. We wish you both a happy future.
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