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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Hardip & Anushka (28 May 2007)
Hardip & Anushka
Hardip & Anushka
Hardip & Anushka
Hello everyone, Standing ovation to and heartily congratulations to all those who were successful in finding "THAT" perfect partner through This story is mainly for those who are still in search of "THAT" perfect partner. Word of advice; keep looking and eventually you will be happy. I was a member of this amazing site on and off for over a period of two years. Initially I wasn't too serious about searching and was in mainly for checking out the community. But then, how long can you stand the social pressure of being single. So I submitted to the pressure and got engaged to a girl whom my parents chose for me (arranged). But destiny had planned something else for me. That engagement did not go very well because "we did not have enough time to share our feelings and find out about compatibility through life". Anyways, back to square one again. This time my parents' search through known members of the family and community at large was still on. But I decided to help my parents by being actively involved in search through first stepto become a paid member and so was I. Provided as much details as I could in the profile and started my bride hunting. Got many responses (atleast a dozen with some quality in them). Same ways my wife (wife now, then prospective could be wife) was also serious about her search. She showed interest in my profile for a funny reason but at the end it all worked out. I replied back to her interest after five months after becoming a paid member. We started chatting online as distances were just too long. Then started liking and found out that we were actually compatible and as a matter of fact after two months of chatting and few phone conversation, I was able to say that she is the one for me. The feeling rose from inside. Eventually we decided to go about it in a proper fashion, got our parents involved and finally got married on 4th May 2007. In nutshell, this site is very useful in helping you find that perfect partner. And its just easy. With all the features like photo sharing, video sharing etc etc. it becomes even much easier if you are in to looks. I would recommend this site for all prospective brides and grooms for being able to marry that perfect partner. World is changing, distances are getting reduced and community of people alike are being brought together with the magic of internet. Why not then use it for marital purpose as well. I tried it and would have to say, its the best 69 dollars that i ever spent over the internet. Just try it anyways, who knows. You might get lucky like me. Good luck to all who are still in search and I sincerely pray to God that everyone registered seriously for the cause finds "THAT" perfect partner. Good bye. Cheers. Hardip

Wedding DATE : 4th May, 2007
Hardip & Anushka Team congratulates Hardip & Anushka. We wish you both a happy future.
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