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Shaadi Pride

Jaya & Aman (25 May 2007)
Jaya & Aman
Jaya & Aman
Jaya & Aman
It is a strange and difficult task of a lifetime - finding one's partner in life. And some of our lives get even stranger when twists of fate work their charms and create fairy tales of sorts. Aman and I are testimony to one such tale and an institution such as has been instrumental in initiating one of the thousands such beautiful partnerships. A rather big thanks to the shaadi team. After two relationships that didn't work, I had decided to not cause any more worry for my parents and family, yet knew their worry would not end with me choosing to remain single. I choose to bury my past and got completely engrossed in my work, reading, music and my fitness. My few dear friends and I caught up with our lives and I realised I had rediscovered my true self and in that setting dawned the realisation that there is always a reason for everything in our lives. A new friend happened around the same time and shortly she began to advocate shaadi .com to me, for she herself was a member. I didn't believe that was the right way to meet someone?.I needed to know the person well?.and in normal situations. How could I advertise myself?? That was totally against my beliefs and principles. My beliefs and principles I threw out of my window one night when she pestered me to get down to it. The moment I opened the webpage?.I smiled to myself on how ridiculous this situation was. However after the initial apprehension the smile was of a different sort. It got interesting when I settled in to write my profile. The first few days?I scored hundreds of profiles?.and was amazed and exhausted!! Made a few mistakes?.and kept searching. After sending interests, getting rejected, getting accepted, also declining and accepting ?gosh?it was a nightmare at times. I received interests from 67 year olds to 27 year olds. Then it got serious, for mails were initiated with a few, in lieu of getting to know a few better. The heart skipped beats when someone right came along?and one such right did!! but after a few months of exhausting mailing and talking and finally meeting?it turned out to be wrong!! I was devastated and despite a few other good men around I gave up. I didn't have the strength to go through such heart ache again. Lost faith in a lot of things and moved on. However friends and family don't give up too easily and they impressed upon me to not give up so easily. And I wound up back in cyberspace manhunt. There were some rather wonderful men out there and I was fortunate to interact with them?some are still fabulous friends?and this time round, I decided am not going to rush in, and let my instincts do all the work. I believed in utmost honesty with all and the fact that there was after all likely to be only one Mr. Right. It was two years almost?and I was disillusioned again for nothing seemed to be just right. Life is like that?tests your patience when you are most vulnerable. I began by sending farewell notes to the few that failed to maintain contact. I had once again decided this was certainly not my idea of meeting my soul mate?..when a farewell riddle to one such sparked an interest. Aman, who had barely written a few sentences in all, woke up from slumber?.and wrote to me. Humour is certainly the best medicine?.and it worked like a charm here. Soon we got down to talking?.almost every other day. Thousands of miles didn't deter me?nor him. We realised at every step how similar yet different we were. We liked each others honesty and simplicity. Well ?all in all must admit so was the case with many others. However?.here the difference was that he came forward after a few long phone calls and?..asked me if I would marry him!!! He had been the perfect gentleman all along and did all the right things that a man should?.its just that even though I may be this modern woman of this generation I am old fashioned in a few ways. And he did sweep me off my feet. I was first overwhelmed when he mentioned me to his mum, and then when after a few days just as a matter of fact asked me to marry him. It was difficult explaining to family and friends our decision. But every single one couldn't help notice the indescribable happiness on my face and his. It was long overdue for both of us. Within a matter of few months he arrived with his mum and sister, we met, 1st of July, engaged on 8th and married on the 9th, with a few close family and friends. I wound up my work and home in India after his departure and was reunited with him in September. We realise this was quite a chapter in our lives and are grateful for this charmed union. There have been subsequent twists to the roller coaster ride?.but suffice to say?we are two very happy souls. Aman is the best thing to have happened in my life. Thanks Shaadi team from both of us! Jaya & Aman

Wedding DATE : 9th Jul, 2006
Jaya & Aman Team congratulates Jaya & Aman. We wish you both a happy future.
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