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Shaadi Pride

Mario & Razwana (17 May 2007)
Mario & Razwana
Salamu Alaykoum: Initially Raz and I met here at Shaadi around April 2004. We exchanged mails and got to know one another and most importantly establishing how important Islam was in our lives. Raz had had just come back from Hajj and I had just proclaimed Shahadah. I telephone Raz sometime in mid-April 2004. However, at the time I called, Raz was at the hairsalon and we could not speak. To this day I still remember her lovely, sparkling upbeat voice and laughter. For some reason or other Raz and I did not make contact again. In the meantime, I was just beginning to practice Islam and I fully immersed myself in renewing my faith and increase my knowledge and love for Allah (swt) and the Quran. I believe Raz did the same as well. I stopped entering Shaadi and eventually my profile at Shaadi expired. I again re-joined Shaadi in the late summer of 2006 and much to my surprise Raz had her profile active on the system. I contacted Raz and we re-connected again in September 2006 where we had left off in April 2004. Something interesting also happened that Raz's sister had put up a profile with Raz's picture unbeknown to her. I make contact with Raz's sister and after letting her know that I was exchanging mails with Raz, Raz's sister took off the profile from the system saying that when she read my profile she immediately thought of her sister Raz and believed that Allah (swt) had greater plans for the both of us. I felt in my heart that Raz was the woman that I was blessed to marry. I felt this was a blessing from Allah (swt). It was Allah (swt) who brought us together at Shaadi to make an initial contact in 2004 and then Raz and I spent the next 2 1/2 years increasing our iman and love of Islam. When we were ready and more involved deeply in our Islamic faith, Allah (swt) again re-connected us at the same Shaadi site in September 2006. It was as if Allah (swt) let us plant a seed and come back a few years later to bear the fruit. And the fruit is our marriage. Raz and I again exchanged mails and discussed how much we love Islam and how important our faith is as the foundation of our lives. Raz and I connected immediately on the spiritual level and slowly we realized that we had so much more in common, personality wise and experiences in life. We did not speak on the telephone except exchange mails. Raz took a week off work to pray and recite Quran during Ramadan 2006. After Ramazan, we exchanged numbers and I called her. We spoke about our initial conversation several years earlier and how Allah (swt) had again brought us together when we had strengthened our faith in Islam and increased our knowledge in Islam. Initially I asked Raz to marry me over the telephone. I was in love with her laughter, with her way of being and most importantly I connected spiritually with Raz and her level and quality of faith in Islam was similar to mine. Alhumdullilah, Raz accepted to marry me even though we had not met in person and I was ready to meet her in person only on our wedding day. However, Raz's mom said that we should at least meet somewhere in public before marriage and with Raz's mom's approval we met for the first time in person in late November 2006. Raz and I picked our wedding day on the first day that we met in person. That was very romantic. I will never forget it. Raz and I are blessed and we will grow in our faith together and faith the pleasures and tribulations of life towards our ultimate destination, which is the After-Life and Eternity. Raz is Pakistani born raised in Canada and I am Portuguese born in the Azores islands raised in Canada also. We are a match made in heaven and blessed by Allah (swt) delivered through Wa Alaykoum Salam Mario and Razwana

Wedding DATE : 5th Jan, 2007
Mario & Razwana Team congratulates Mario & Razwana. We wish you both a happy future.
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