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Shaadi Pride

Hameeda & Mohamed (17 March 2007)
Hameeda & Mohamed
Hameeda & Mohamed
Hameeda & Mohamed
This is an appreciation to team and their effort to get together the couples made for each other. It was through I found my soul mate Mr. Khan, from Mysore has done his Ph.D in Biotechnology and was looking for the bride from similar line of settlement as his better half. He got registered with on 28 August, 2004. I was from Hyderabad and finished my PhD in Microbiology. My mother was searching proposals through mediators which dinn work out as I was trying to find a suitable life partner according to my qualification. One of my colleague said that your site seems to be good and we can search for proposals according to our qualification, profession so on and so forth. Initially for two months I was a free member, but viewing the proposals that were sent to me through and the interest expressed by different people, I felt its better to get registered and took up the gold membership to search my soulmate. Mr. Khan expressed his interest in me in the month of January 12, 2006 after viewing my profile at site. Later on he requested for photographs and i took a long gap with busy working schedule of my thesis work to send him the photos....And then days went on and I had to attend some interview at Indian Institute of Science (IISC) Bangalore for my postdoctoral study in the month of May. My mother and sis accompanied me to attend the interview and then we planned for site seeing at Bangalore and Mysore...I finished my interview on May 12, 2006 and visited Mysore, St. Philomina's church without knowing that it?s the same lane where my dream man resides. Within a week i.e. on May 19, 2006 when I went back home and started checking the inbox of and Mr. Khan once again reminded me of the interest expressed earlier and asked for the photos. I send him the photos and also uploaded them to my profile created at with the thought that there would be more responses. After viewing the photos we had communication through phone and mails and he said that his parents were also interested and want to come down to Hyderabad to take ahead the proposal. Mr. Khan along with his parents, aunts and cousin came down to Hyderabad on June 10, 2006. Both of our family members had a discussion and were quiet happy as they felt that we both were looking for life partner with similar qualification and hence we could find each other. We got engaged on August 12, 2006 and then our wedding day was decided on November12, 2006. I feel there some thing lucky about this 12 number in both of our lives as his birthday is also March 12. After engagement we were communicating each other through phone and mails. We used to talk for hours together, where the family members used to feel and express doubt whether its love marriage and may be we know each other or we might have met before somewhere during our studies. Such was the affection and love between us and thanks for your group that brought us together.. Most of his cousins say that bhabi when u came to church u might have seen our brother and ur hiding from us??..but as they say time should come for everything, I was so close to his house without knowing that I would be married and staying there for life. Our marriage was held at Mysore on November 12th and then we held a marriage party at Hyderabad on November 19, 2006. After four months of our marriage today I thank Al-mighty God for giving me an understanding, caring, luving husband and thank all the staff who are working so hard in getting the profiles that suit our interest, qualification, profession. Today when I see the St. Philomina's church standing in the balcony I feel its more a miracle. Though its our fate that brings us together as they say marriages are made in Heaven but on earth it was possible through your group that we both met each other and leading a happy and successful life. I recommend to all of them who looking for their soul mates as there is every possibility of getting the proposals that suits everyone?s interest. I am very happy that is celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2007 and pray it should reach its 100th anniversary and get together the pairs made for each other on this earth. Thank you Hameeda Khan

Wedding DATE : 12th Nov, 2006
Hameeda & Mohamed Team congratulates Hameeda & Mohamed. We wish you both a happy future.
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