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Shaadi Pride

Jannek & Elizabeth (16 March 2007)
Jannek & Elizabeth
Jannek & Elizabeth
Jannek & Elizabeth
This is a fairy tale about how East and West met with the help of God and! Jannek Hauser, a German citizen, met Elizabeth Ann Jacob in October 2005, and they have been through a rough period until their love for each other conquered all... and a dream came true. Jannek says: Ever since my first trip to south India when I was 12 years old, I was mesmerised by the warmth and culture of India... In 2004, God sent my best friend Sreenivas, a fellow PhD student in Sweden who joined our laboratory group. He and his friends made me realise that I want to take the final step and marry an Indian girl to realise my life's dream. So, without further to do, I registered with as a paying member, and I started my search. I must admit that initially it was a big blow to my confidence as it is difficult to even get a chance to talk to an Indian girl, because most parents do not trust me as a Westerner due to prejudices. I did have a couple of contacts, but they were never as serious as I was.. in September 2005 I met a Punjabi girl, whom I thought could be the one for me, but she too played with my heart and I had to end the contact after a very dark period of my life in March 2006... Elizabeth, my dearest wife, had also contacted me in October 2005, very soon after I had met my Punjabi contact, and I did a very stupid mistake and rejected Liz. I did not listen to God to provide my girl.. and so I went into deep trouble... Liz however showed such great strength and faith in me that she stayed friends with me all this time till April 06 despite all the hurt I gave her, and she never doubted me as such was the strength of her love. She had waited for me for half a year, and I will never forget all that she had done for me. Her love is a beacon of light in this world, and we glorify God together with our marriage and beautiful life! When I finally listened to God and realised that Liz is my Angel sent to me by God, I felt more blessed than I've ever been in my life... things moved very fast in April 06, and we both knew within a very short time that YES indeed, our search is over!! I cannot stop praising the Lord for this match and dream girl He gave to me... I can only wish for all the other searchers on to find this deep love, happiness, understanding, acceptance and sense of belonging! Her parents accepted me immediately, and trusted me - a Westerner - in everything, a virtue that is very rare to find as I had to learn very often... Having found my match made in Heaven and without any more time to waste, I booked flights to Thiruvananthapuram in June to meet her and her dearest family in person. Needless to say this was the most promising and best time of my life!! Not only was it an amazing cultural experience for me, coming down from a quiet and cold country like Sweden, but also it was a confirmation of my deep love for her - which luckily was reciprocated :) - and a chance to meet and intermingle with many of my new family members! Surely, Kerala is God's Own Country!! We received our baptism in the Orthodox Jacobite Church, initiated everything to solemnise our marriage in December and started to organise our future together. Lots and lots of happy shopping in Kerala's wonderful shops was a good part of this time :D My parents also got involved after initially being sceptical and now see the incredible blessings of this union. By the Grace of God, our marriage was solemnised on December 25th at St.George's Orthodox Cathedral, Spencer Junction, Thiruvananthapuram, at 11.00 am. It was a very special experience for all of us... !! My Angel Liz is a perfect match far beyond my expectations... God used to bless me with the most wonderful and fulfilling life partner to make my life complete! Many heartfelt thanks also go to my dear Tamilian friend in Christ Hannah, who has helped me to listen to God and to open my heart to His blessings, and who has continued to help me through tough times everytime very patiently with the help of God! And ofcourse my deep gratitude to my closest Andhra friend and colleague Sreenivas together with the rest of my Indian friends in Sweden, who always and fully stood by me and ultimately helped me realise my Indian dream! I am aware that it may seem difficult to find what I have found in life, but with patience, faith and God's blessings through it is possible to all those still seeking! As I am 25 and Liz is 19, I also want to stress that age is never an issue if you are committed and in love, for then you are well ready for the big decision of marriage! And if you are a foreigner like me seeking an Indian life-partner, please never give up due to unavoidable difficulties... GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU!! Elizabeth says: From a young age I liked white people and my uncle also prophecised me that one day I may marry a German!! Never did I imagined that it will one day come true!! But let me tell my story from beginning: my experience started when we bought a computer in October 2005 and I saw an advertisement to when checking my mail. Then I was making fun of this site and my dad said that this is just a joke and fake people will use this. Well, curiosity was stronger in me and I wanted to find out what this is all about! Just for fun I registered as a free member, looking for boys of age 20-24 as I was 18 when I started on the site. Soon I sent 6 contact requests, of which only one answered... guess who... well I was so excited about his sweet reply and his chat ID! We chatted for a few days but then he said sorry that he cannot lie to me and that he got a girl whom he seemed serious about. I was very sad and helpless... I forgot about the shaadi sit, seeing my dad's words coming true. I focussed on my exams, not being online for chat at all. After several months had passed, I was visited by a cousin who did not know much about computers and wanted a demonstration. So I went online to show her some things, and there he was again!! After a long long time, we started talking again, but this time God was with our very conversations! We had a chance to share our thoughts and expectations, and as we talked more and more, we grew more attached. I was able to forgive his mistake he had done several months ago, and we moved on... listening to God's plan for us two. On Easter day I told my mom about Jannek, and we came online to talk to him. This first talk was very positive and my mom accepted him! :) I never doubted him as he was very different to other Whites... he never used to talk about other girls and is completely family oriented, and that is not easy to find in Western world. We both decided to meet in June... and little more than 2 months later he was coming to see us! Just before his arrival we were all busy cleaning the house and feeling nervous and excited too. Then came May 30 and the first time of our meeting! I was so excited to meet him... I was waiting at the airport exit wearing a traditional Kerala saree, feeling really nervous. Then he just came out with the suitcases... I was hiding behind my aunt, not knowing what to do now. But he came over to me and we simply said Hi and shook hands... the first time he was looking at me I felt very strange :) My birthday was on May 27, but since he came only on May 30 we postponed our celebrations to wait for him. At this evening we went to a nice hotel to celebrate my birthday as well as our first meeting... and after only 2 hours we decided to get married !! Actually, my dad asked both of us at the end of dinner if we are sure about each other and want to marry: as a sign of our commitment we should give hands and look at each other. Then only did I realise that this is reality, not a dream! And I gave him my hand... he gave me his and we looked at each other shyly, knowing that this was a life-changing decision. The rest of the time was a good chance to get to know more and to do lots of shopping in preparation for our mariage. I am very happy that I met my husband though this wonderful site and certainly I have learned that it is not something to have fun with! It is a good site for serious people, looking for a life partner. Surely, my dad also got to know that there are not many fake people here :):) I wish all searchers on good luck and never give up hope!! has helped us to a very happy, bright and beautiful future, and to an amazing union between two cultures. Thanks to God for His divine blessings, and to the Shaadi Team for making it all happen!

Wedding DATE : 25th Dec, 2006
Jannek & Elizabeth Team congratulates Jannek & Elizabeth. We wish you both a happy future.
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