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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Asfia & Inam (15 March 2007)
Asfia & Inam
Asfia & Inam
Asfia & Inam
Dear team, I am writing this as gratitude towards team in helping me find my soul mate, Inam. Like all parents, my parents were also worried for my wedding they were trying to find me a match every where, but found no luck! Finally, my parents heard about matrimonial site and to just to give it a try, they posted my profile as a free member in summer of 2006. My parents like this site so much for the features it offers that they decided to take 1 year platinum membership on May 07/2006. Since, at that time my parents and I had no clue that I would my mate within 2 months. I was getting many responses, but somehow they didn?t click me. But fine day on July 05, 2006, I got response from Inam saying that he really liked my profile with his e-mail id and phone number and since then time went so fast I cannot even imagine ! My parents started conversing with him on his email; he asked me for couple of my pictures, I was surprised as I have some pictures already on the site but then we realized we were so happy we haven?t accepted his interest sent and the pictures were not visible to him. But soon we accepted his interest expressed and he says that as soon as he saw my picture he decided that this is the girl for him. His parents accepted the Rishta right away. My parents and his parents had a couple of phone conferences and web cam chat as we were in Canada and he was from Mysore, India. My parents felt that this is exactly the kind of guy they were looking for me. We decided to go to India to meet him and his family personally. But since our hometown in India was Hyderabad, we went to Hyderabad and they made a trip to Hyderabad from Mysore. I and my family met his family and him on September 3rd, 2006 talked for a long time and decided to get engaged. On the very same day we got engaged and exchanged ours rings. My parents and his parents understanding were so much alike they had no conflicts in any matter whatsoever; our marriage date was fixed to be on December 24th, 2006. I came back to Canada to complete my college and since then I personally started talking to him through mails and phones. We use to talk for 2-3 times a day either through phones and mails. And my parents were so much annoyed as they had to pay $300-400 on each month?s phone bill ?lol. This continued for four months until the day of our marriage. After writing my final exams on December 15th, 2006, I went to India did lot of shopping for my wedding and finally tied the knot with my love on December 24th,2006 in Hyderabad and on the very next day left for Mysore, his hometown. This was really a whole lot of fun for my family and his family; we had two compartment of train book for ourselves, everybody were dancing and singing we had so much fun. After reaching Mysore, we had our reception on December 27th, 2006. I never realize I would get my soul mate this soon. Thanks to, it just didn?t unite two souls together but two families! I recommend to each and every one of you out there looking for their soul mates. Cheers ASFIA INAM

Wedding DATE : 24th Dec, 2006
Asfia & Inam Team congratulates Asfia & Inam. We wish you both a happy future.
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