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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Monica & Vishal (13 March 2007)
Monica & Vishal
Monica & Vishal
Monica & Vishal
I love her up from heaven down to the ground I'm really glad to have her found... Always used to hear words like someone is destined for you and now really believe that destiny is something..I saw her profile on 24th July 2006 and liked it a lot as in she was the one i have been waiting all my life for, so i proposed her and realised that my premium membership was just over, thought of renewing it soon to send her some personalised messages.To my luck she was a paid member and replied me with a message saying her maternal uncles live in my town i.e. Gandhidham, I realized it is truly a small world and was happy that we personally knew her maternal uncles. We chatted on messenger next day and i took her email address and email id. We took each others birth details for horoscope matching and then only take matters ahead. We chatted for few days and liked each others nature a lot. One day she came on yahoo and told that horoscopes were not matching, but I knew she was saying that as an excuse because they were matching well, actual reason was that her dad wanted someone from his sub caste only. She didn't wanted to be rude and gave that reason which showed how sweet she was. I didnt argued on the topic and just told her, lets be chat friends as we liked each other and she agreed. We kept chatting for months and finally in the last week of December my prayers were listened by God, Monica told me she is coming to my town for her cousin brother's marriage during the last week of January. I was happy because i was to meet my best friend for the first time, I gave her my phone number to contact me when she was here. Her trips dates were not confirmed, now on 25th of January my sister who is married at mumbai was coming to meet us even her trip was not confirmed, when her train reached Valsad a family joined her and that was Monica's family, with first few talks only Monica came to knew that it was my elder sister and she told her that we are very nice friends and have been chatting for months now. My sister sent me a sms saying Monica and her family is coming with me, I was shocked but very happy to meet her finally. We met at the station and her family liked me a lot, but her dad was not accompanying them, so they hesitated in talking about the proposal also we remained quiet because of the earlier declination by them. When she reached back to Nashik i wrote her offlines that my brother and sister liked her a lot and so do I, she replied on the same day saying even she and her family liked me. When we chatted next she took my birth details again and said she will refer them with astrologer also took my sister's phone number saying she just wants to talk to her generally. Next day her mom called up my sister saying horoscopes are matching and if possible lets take matters ahead because they have convinced Monica's dad that the family and boy are too good and reputed so why to be so conservative about sub caste and he agreed. Things went ahead and my sister told my mom to take the matters seriously as the family and girl are very nice. Finally they agreed to come to Gandhidham on sunday 25th February as our parents havent met so far and her dad wanted to see me too. In the meanwhile on 22nd I wasnt able to control my feelings about her and I told her that I am in Love with her dont know since when but I feel as if I have been waiting for her all my life, she was shocked but very happy about it but didnt agreed when I asked her that does she Loves me, she still had doubts about our parents decisions. I told her I will wait for her reply. On 25th they reached our town and we met at her Maternal uncles place and both families liked each other a lot. Finally we were bounded with each other on the occasion of our engagement on 26th February. I am accompanying our engagement pictures here. Our marriage date just got finalized on 17th of June 2007. I really want to thanks team on providing such a wonderful site which helps meets two souls which were meant for each other since there birth and lived quite far away from each other. The premium membership does works a lot without them I wont have met my Dream Life Partner. Thanks a lot for reading my Short Love Story which is gonna last till eternity:)!!! All team of and people reading this success story are requested to join us on our life's most important day!!! Cheers!!!

Wedding DATE : 17th Jun, 2007
Monica & Vishal Team congratulates Monica & Vishal. We wish you both a happy future.
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