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Shaadi Pride

Abhijit & Dhara (21 February 2007)
Abhijit & Dhara
Abhijit & Dhara
Abhijit & Dhara
Hi This is abhijit Shah from dubai and i got happily engaged on the 18 feb 07, in mumbai with my soul mate who is from mumbai. Well it so happened that me and my fiance Dhara met through this website and chatted for a couple of minutes clearing of my past with her, on which she acted a bit wierd saying these things on her first time itself but then we lost touch for a while and got in touch back after abt 2 months and i had straight away called her on her bday which was a big surprise for her. As i am working in dubai its hard to find ways to get out of work for a vacation but anyhow with gods grace, god gave me a chance of my life & the brand new year gave me a amazing new job a chance to met dhara. well that was it i met her once only for abt 2 hrs but my luck was in my favor cause the next morningi had my flight by which i had to fly back to dubai, was not in the morning but the evening and again i got a chance to met dhara and spent quite a few hours with her. Well then our phone conversations started, and she use to call for hours on international calls and we actually fell in love over our phone conversations. And exactly 1 month later from the day we met first time we got engaged but unfortunately had to come back to dubai the same day. Well my parents were convienced and her parents as well, Our engagement was 90% love and 10% arrange because we still waited for our final approvals of our parents but it so happened that me and my parents flew to mumbai on friday morning aprroved it on spot started shopping for our engagement and got engaged on the sunday the 18 of feb. Its really very hard to explain my feelings and emotion towards my new responsibility & my luv for her cause i actually cant belive the fact that i got engaged to the person whom i luved so much and vice versa. And soon we are getting married probably in may as it seems. Well on this occasion i would like to thank a couple of ppl which are as follow the most important the founder of shaadi website who has made a completely amazing website which helped me getting my soul mate (at a stage i had lost hope of getting married through shaadi but finally i got one through shaadi) and then would have to be my parents who dint care abt who is dhara or what she is all abt just agreed and got us engaged in 3 days span. last but not the least Dhara because she has been the sweetest person i have met in my life time and apart of all the obtacles in our lifes we got engaged and i am happy to hear from her that she is happy to have me as her better half. On that note i would like to suggest a word to the ppl who are trying to find someone through shaadi :- be onest with the person ur trying to get married to no matter what it would be gud bad or the ugly and then ur partner would respond more easily an freely. Thanking Shaadi to help me find my soul mate. Abi

Wedding DATE : 13th May, 2007
Abhijit & Dhara Team congratulates Abhijit & Dhara. We wish you both a happy future.
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