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Sweta & Sudharshan (01 February 2006)
Sweta & Sudharshan
Sweta & Sudharshan
Sweta & Sudharshan
Hello the ones looking for love & those who have got their love,

I am Sudharshan, for me the search on was like swayamvar, however our story is more like a Hollywood fast lane romance "Love story" with a wishful "beginning"..........

Sweta, a simple, optimistic, independent & beautiful girl who is hearing impaired, my heroine; was like any other girl waiting for the one who would make her dreams come true, who would be her best friend, who would know and understand her feelings, who would really love her as she was, who would have the patience as well as time to hear her needs, who would have the patience to explain complexities of life and finally agree to marry her without many expectations. Sweta had seen a lot of marriages go wrong, so was very insecure about marriage; she had lot of "ifs" and "buts" in her mind when it came to marriage.

While I was in Africa, I saw her profile on When I saw her I kept looking at her for quite a while, I just couldn't take my eyes of her, I stared at her eyes until I decided that I had found my better half, then I read what she had written about herself, and about her hearing impairness; there she was a picture perfect Girl; looking like an "Angel" and casting a sweet feeling of calmness in my heart, never before felt in my conscious life. I couldn't believe what I had just read. I started thinking about all the possible things; I even got so stupid to make myself believe that she was playing a prank. The next few days I was doing lot of activities physically but all my Human brain possibly did was to think about Sweta. There was a continuous fight within myself whether to contact her or not to contact her, this went on till I came back to India in August 2005. All this while I was on free membership so couldn't contact Sweta, I decided to take up a 3 month membership and contact Sweta, then On 11th September 2005 I mailed Sweta, after two really long days I got her reply on 13th of September questioning my awareness of her disability and also said that someone else who had approached her with marriage proposal and therefore she offered only her friendship. I felt, I made the worst possible mistake by thinking for so long to make up my mind, I was sad but had a good feeling, so, I replied I would like to be friends.

We met on the 17th Sep 05 at Forum, in Bangalore. We spent the whole day at forum, we became friends at once, we felt very comfortable with each other, we communicated by creating messages on the cell phone, writing on serviettes, notebook and finally on the notepad of a computer. It was an amazing day, the best part was by the end of that day both of us perfectly understood and could read each others lips, communication was never an issue.

We regularly kept in touch through messages and emails. Every meeting resulted in me growing in love with Sweta, I started respecting her personality and for all that she was. I was getting more confident about my good feeling that she was the one whom I wanted to grow old with. , I felt that she was a person with not just physical beauty but had a soul so pure and wonderfully beautiful, many times more prettier and beautiful than her skin.

I loved everything about her - everything she did, everything she said, and what ever she said was insanely sanely correct and positive. She taught me to be optimistic and brought calmness into my life. Sweta was "not only" capable of hearing my heart, but also exactly knew what to say when and how to say what. She was smart, positive, beautiful and with amazing confidence, more than to be independent she want to be self capable as she can do all the things a normal girl can do, but a normal girl cant do what she can...........

At every passing day and every meeting with Sweta I could feel a strange energy pulling us closer, it was like God himself was doing the act for Cupid and brought us closer. I was happy, or should I be honest and say "I was happiest in my whole life". I wanted to live every second zillion more times again, and even today I feel what ever time I get with Sweta is so less.

When I proposed her, Sweta got confused & scared; she wanted to marry a person who would help her live her life the way she wanted with all freedom. I assured her that I understood her and would never suffocate her nor grab her life away from her, just that I wanted some space in her life. We decided to take one step at a time.

I wanted to give her the confidence that I was ready for a relationship and to make communication easy I learnt the alphabets of sign language with in a single day and was using them to communicate the next day; she was pleased by my action, as actions speak louder than words... I also started learning sign Language in order to communicate with her faster. I also would attend meetings with her friends and gradually we developed mutual understanding during our communication.

Initially it was difficult even for Sweta's parents to accept the alliance as their concern was; I was a healthy normal boy with no disabilities & would I take care of their disabled daughter with the patience required. My parents were worried about how would I adjust with Sweta as the basics of any relationship was communication. It took a lot of hard work & assurance to convince my parents to accept Sweta as their daughter in law and convinced her parents after explaining to them how I was available for her, how I had understood her etc. My folks like any other parents were not very happy at my decision but when I said what I feel for Sweta and after constant arguments and confessions about my feelings, they agreed to meet Sweta. After meeting Sweta they accepted with a little doubt, which was clarified. It was tough convincing our parents but at last we managed to persuade them and got engaged on 26th Jan.

Today I am very happy and our whole family approves our relationship, as not only I am getting married to a beautiful girl, but also a girl who has a soul many times beautiful than her skin. Sweta has an Angelic personality, her thinking about future is prophetic, her views optimistic, her sense of humor outstanding, what more can I say she is unbelievable and one of a kind nature ever created. Thank God, AMEN!!!

Our wedding date has been fixed on 15th Feb 2006, hall being booked and all necessary things taken care of and every single day we are looking forward for the "wedding day" most of all looking to start our lives as a couple, to share our lives together, to stand for each other, to stand with each other enjoying the comforts and handling the difficulties head on as it arises...

Thank you for Your great service.... If it has not been for your service, I would never had met Sweta, my better half & soul mate.


Hello everyone I'm Sweta, a girl who dreamt of my Mr. Right; I was waiting for someone from somewhere who knew me, would really love me and would be ready to marry me for who I am. When I registered on, I got a huge response but I was very uncertain to accept just anyone and thought "what if" he would not be honest or good enough or my Mr. Right. I had seen lots of people suffer from bad marriage, and I never wanted that with my married life.

So, when Sudharshan approached me with his desire to know more about me through, I wanted to decline, but my instinct told me to accept his friendship. When he asked me for just one meeting, I made an excuse to avoid meeting him but again my instinct told me to meet him.

We decided to meet at forum, on 17th Sep. I found him very sweet, charming and very well behaved who knows how to behave with women and he gave me a flower out of his pullover (where he had hid), opening the door for me and offering me his handkerchief when I need, in a word he is a "Through Gentleman".

After that day, Sudhi kept coming back to meet me and did so many things for my needs to help me. I came to Bangalore alone for my studies and lived all on my own without any help. I recalled how I told him many times to let me do things myself and I don't need anyone's help, but he insisted.... I remember once when I was shifting my PG; he said, "He is my coolie and I need to depend on him but not to have pay anything".

It was almost every day and did so many things for my needs. He also got involved in my friend circle and took great interest in learning sign Language to communicate with us better. It became an everyday affair, until one day, we realized that we were more than a friend.

It confused and shattered me, as I was so afraid of marriage, to lose my freedom and independence to marriage. The fact that Sudhi was normal hearing guy scared me more. But he was very determined and promised me that he will never suffocate me and grab my life after marriage. He talks and assures me everyday to make me feel sure and secure. I could feel and see that he really cares a lot & loves me for who I am. . He promises me that he will be my best friend first and then husband to make me feel comfortable and easy. I find him a well-educated guy with lots of knowledge and explain things with patience about what I need to know or need clarification.

He has the patience to explain each and every detail, which no else had the time for. He came all the way to kolkata to meet my parents to ask for my hand in marriage. After initial hesitation he soon won everyone's heart in my family. We are getting married on 15th Feb 2006. Our families are happy.

Now we are soul mates...he is everything to me, he is my best friend, my brother, my sister, my mother, my father, he is my world...I don't call it just a love relationship; it is a lot more than that.

Its great service of, if it was not for them, some ambitious girls might end up living single all their lives


Sweta & Sudharshan Team congratulates Sweta & Sudharshan. We wish you both a happy future.
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