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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Deepak & Vanessa (02 January 2007)
Deepak & Vanessa
Deepak & Vanessa
Deepak & Vanessa
Dear Shaadi I know it comes to no surprise that we are writing you to tell you of another success story. My, Deepak?s, success story begins with my one and only true love. Her name is Parvati My life was on a straight path until I posted my profile on Placing my profile on your website led me to a fork in the road. I was willing to keep my life on that straight path, but at the same time longed to feel complete. So I choose the path that led to my heart, to where I found love waiting for me. There is an old. saying, ?There is someone for everyone,? and that someone for me is Parvati. You know it when you find that special someone, your soul mate: Your heart skips a beat every time you think of that person. You are floating so high that you feel like you are on top of the world. To find love is a delight. To experience love is a blessing. To find your soul mate, that special someone, is a gift from God My soul mate or gift from God is Parvati. Although we live oceans apart and there is a 4 hour time difference between us, it did not stop us from communicating with each other. It was like we had our own set time when we would chat through Instant Messenger ... We had a tough time at the beginning, trying to manage our schedules accordingly. I was still at school and had my exams coming up. Being in a relationship a such times can be pretty distracting but it was quite the opposite for me and made me do even better in my exams. Finally my school was over, and the hardest time began. I had to leave for 2 weeks on holiday with my family, which meant not being able to communicate for said time. I was during this trip I actually realized I could not live without my jaanu, and so we decided to meet as soon as possible, while normalle we only meant to meet after my secondary studies were done in July 2007. I couldn?t believe it. When I posted my free profile on I never ever imagined meeting someone serious there. Although I had posted my profile also on other matrimonial sites, I only ever got indecent propositions from there, and I was very disillusioned as to this kind of technology. Deepaks first message was so polite and formal, I was very amazed and still have it up until now. It was a long story until we actually talked together. For any unknown reason my profile was deleted from, and he was looking for me for 3 weeks and had already lost hope. He had given me his Instant Messaging ID and I added him, among other contacts, a few weeks later. One day he connected and saw I had added him. From that day we almost chatted daily. Unfortunately I did not have a very good inernet provider at that time, so we had to restrain our chat time. Days went by and I found myself always waiting for those evenings when we would talk for ages about everything and anything, sharing our views, only to find that we have almost everything in common. The longer we talked, the deeper our conversation, and therefore relationship, became. Within only 3 months, and without even having met, we decided to get married. Now we are together in India, happily married for 6 days, and going to spending our whole life together. All this happened thanks to and we will be eternally grateful to you guys who made this dream of ours come true.

Wedding DATE : 26th Dec, 2006
Deepak & Vanessa Team congratulates Deepak & Vanessa. We wish you both a happy future.
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