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Shaadi Pride

Hima & Gaurav (09 February 2006)
Hima & Gaurav
How We Went From 'That Don't Impress Me Much' To 'Forever & For Always' :)

Date: 29-July-05
Time: 6ish IST / 10.30ish PST

I was just about to log off the Shaadi messenger when Gaurav messaged me. To this date, I don't know what made him send me a message, but I ain't complaining, for sure!

We ended up chatting for about an hour and my takeaways from the conversation were his sophistication, politeness, genuine passion for his work and an inherent and deep respect for family values. Gaurav, on his part, maintains that he liked 'everything about me' from the start, which I THINK is meant as a compliment.

Jokes apart, though, the long and short of it is that both of us logged off with this pleasant, (s)he-may-be-the-one feeling in the head, and the heart.

Date: 31-July-05
Time: 7ish IST / 11.30ish PST

It's time! He should be calling me any minute, according to our last chat a couple of hours ago. The house is in a state of utter chaos because of the whitewash, and hence I am standing in the balcony, the only place unoccupied by the hired help, waiting for Gaurav's call.

Just when I think I have had enough trying to pretend that I am just having my usual evening stroll, threading my way amongst the cans of paints scattered all around, and smiling at the overzealous female occupants of the adjacent houses (who I suspect may have been betting on the various reasons I need the 'privacy'), the phone goes Tra-la-la! Finally! :)

I say a cautious 'Hello' into the phone and he replies back with an equally hesitant 'Hey! What's up?'. I instantly like his voice and the way he talks, and that helps me ease into the conversation. He also opens up after a bit when he realizes that I am not too bad to talk to!

Amazed at how many things we share in common, we end up talking for an hour-and-a-half. Surprising and encouraging, since neither of us is a big talker.

The two things I know about him for sure, by the time we disconnect, is that 'It's alright' is his favourite one-liner, and a 'Wow' can be used to express a gamut of feelings , from a 'this-is-absolutely-awesome' 'wow' to a 'what-the-hell-is-this' kind of wow!

The aunties have reluctantly disappeared into their kitchens to prepare dinner, it is absolutely dark and I bump into a couple of paint cans as I make my way back into my room. As I drift to sleep that night, I find myself going over the conversation in my mind, and smiling to myself, something that I thought only happened in movies.

August to December

Through endless conversations on IMs/Skype (a big and heartfelt Thank-You To you guys!) /phone, the only ways open to two people physically separated by an impossibly-huge-number-of-miles (sorry, was never good at Maths!), we got to know each other better, and the feeling of closeness and commitment grew steadily north. Our virtual courtship had the usual highs and lows; the difference in time zones and our work schedules played spoilsport quite a number of times, but I guess, what is to be will be. We could always tide over difficult times, mainly thanks to Gaurav, who ended up sacrificing his normal sleeping hours almost daily, so that we could be constantly in touch.

I was always of the opinion that you cant really decide whether you want to spend the rest of your life with a person unless and until you have actually met him and spent some time together. Gaurav thought differently, and always used to tell me that as long as you are committed and genuine and believe in the other person, meeting personally is just a formality. We always ended up debating the point.

Funny then, that by October, I had more or less decided that he was the one. And so did he, or so he tells me!

Okay then, without much ado, cut to December.

Date : 24-Dec-05
Time : 6.15 IST

Gaurav is supposed to fly down for two weeks in a couple of days. In the past month, our parents have come to know about us, I have already met his family and find them just as caring and affectionate as Gaurav is. But I am anxious and more than a little nervous at the prospect of finally meeting him in a couple of days' time, a feeling that isn't helped by the fact that I am supposed to meet Gaurav's uncle at this swanky hotel, and I am standing in the lobby waiting for Gaurav's mom and uncle. I cannot even call/text Gaurav and talk to him because he is supposedly away in Melbourne, having an early New Year bash with his friends.

The door opens and Gaurav walks in, gives me a hug and hands me this huge bouquet of roses. I try to accept the fact that my brain is telling me, that this indeed is Gaurav, that I have been had, that the Mel-thing was just a huge yarn spun for my benefit, that everyone including his Mom and Dad were in on the surprise, and that I should hug him back and thank him for the lovely roses. But all I can do is stand there, grin inanely and stare. After several futile attempts to talk to me and to ask me how I liked the surprise, the poor soul gives up and settles on driving me around instead. By the time we get to his home, my eyeballs are back in their usual place, and I am (almost) back to normal and more importantly, both of us are happy and content, at having finally met and sharing the same comfort and happiness in each other's presence.

The rest of the day passes by with no more surprises. My family meet Gaurav too and everyone is happy all around. A week later, we get engaged.

Date: 30-Dec-05

After exactly six months and a day since we first met, Gaurav and I got engaged to each other with the blessings of family and friends. The wedding date has been solemnized for the 21st of April, when we will officially begin our new journey together, a journey that started in July this year.

Both of us would like to thank for bringing us together, and for converting us from skeptics to believers. Thank you so much, and keep up the good work!


Hima & Gaurav Team congratulates Hima & Gaurav. We wish you both a happy future.
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