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Shaadi Pride

Maya & Naveen (17 February 2006)
Maya & Naveen
Maya & Naveen
Maya & Naveen
I had almost given up hope of finding a groom through It was a wet and cloudy day in July 2005 when I received a chat request from Rishikesh. The person seemed to be sincere and pleasant and we chatted for some time. We exchanged details about our different life styles at Mumbai and Rishikesh. Soon we started chatting every day for an hour. But all the time I had this worry at the back of my mind that I didn't want to leave Mumbai. I have lived in Mumbai all my life and I have been working here since 11yrs. Naveen seemed to be a sensitive, caring and mature person and we started speaking to each other every night. He had his own business at Rishikesh and to my delight was willing to shift to any city in India!

Well, Naveen came down to Mumbai to see me in August 2005. My parents were not very happy about this proposal as the boy was from a North Indian Jaat family. We were fish crazy Malayalis from Gods own country- Kerala. I was very nervous when I met Naveen for the first time but I soon started to relax in his company as I found him to be easy going, patient, talkative and open- hearted. He was also very brave to have come down to see me in Mumbai without knowing what the outcome of this visit would be! In fact, to my surprise my parents liked him instantly! Naveen returned to Rishikesh with a big smile on his face and a heart filled with hope.

We visited his family in Rishikesh in September 2005. Rishikesh is a beautiful town close to Dehradun and Haridwar. It is surrounded by hills on all sides and the holy river Ganga flows by. Naveen took me to a little Shiv temple among the hills and it was then that I decided that this should be the venue of our wedding. We met all his family members (He has a huge family with five siblings, jijajis and their kids). Some of them were not very happy about this North-South alliance. We both were very much in love by now and couldn't wait to be together.

Meanwhile Naveen was busy trying to convince his entire family that I was the one made for him. His mother had secretly visited the Panditji with our date of births. Surprisingly our horoscopes matched very well and that became a positive aspect in his marriage campaign! We both were in a big hurry to fix up the date and finally the d-day was set for the 10th of Dec 2006. My parents were unhappy that we had decided to get married at Rishikesh but later they thanked us that they had the opportunity to visit such a wonderful and holy place. We were to have a typical saath phera North- Indian style wedding which I had only seen in movies. I had to make several phone calls to my in-laws to get the colours and textures of my wedding trousseau right. Naveen visited me once again in Nov and it was very difficult for us to part once again before our wedding.

Finally with Gods blessings all the ceremonies went off very well admist the freezing cold December days. Later we visited Mussourie for our honeymoon and are now happily settled at Mumbai. Thanks to shaadi-com I found my perfect life partner from a place that I could have never imagined! I also thank God every day for giving me such a wonderful husband who's extremely loving, patient, handsome, naughty, witty, and I could go on and on... So all you guys out there please don't loose hope as there may be a silver lining waiting for you just around the corner. All the Best!

Maya & Naveen Team congratulates Maya & Naveen. We wish you both a happy future.
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