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Shaadi Pride

Rupinder & Gurpreet (02 November 2013)
Rupinder & Gurpreet
Rupinder & Gurpreet
Rupinder & Gurpreet
On Thursday, 31 October 2013 6:27 PM, Rupinder bath wrote: 13th Oct 2011, at 09:00 pm to be precise when my dad comes in my room and asked me to talk to a Stranger on the phone. At that moment I didn't know that this stranger would be my husband one day. I want to thank and my father for introducing me to this stranger : Gurpreet Singh Pannu who is now my husband. It is very strange as I always told my father that I would like to take my own time before saying yes to anyone for marriage but with Gurpreet after the third day of talking on the phone i.e 17th Oct 2011 we both were so sure about each other that we decided to get married. Unbelievable but its true - 3 days and we only saw each others photo's and saw each other on webcam as I was in USA and he was in India. It was difficult for us to meet each other because of long distance but we were still sure. All our friends and family were shocked but advised us to take our time but the only thing we knew was that we fell in love and had the connection which we never felt before with anyone. Then the our families met each other and finally fixed our wedding date for 15th January 2012. Finally, after 3 months of talking on the phone and webcam we saw each other face to face for the first time ever on 7th January 2012 i.e a week before our wedding day. I was nervous and couldn't believe myself but when I saw Gurpreet waiting for me at Indira Gandhi International Airport - my heart started beating fast and said '' THIS IS IT - HE IS THE GUY I AM GOING TO MARRY . HE IS MY FUTURE HUSBAND. WAAW ''. This was the most beautiful site that evening when we met and didnot know what to say as I knew that a week after that on 15th January - we are going to Husband and Wife (Tied in a life long relationship forever till the end of my life). Then comes - THE DAY 15th January 2012 when it didnot stop raining from 12am until late night at approx 11:00pm. THE RAIN WEDDING - It was our wedding day and people say ' its lucky to have rain on wedding day ' and I totally agree with that because I am lucky to have Gurpreet in my life. This month we have completed 2 years of knowing each other but it seems like yesterday when I ever spoke to him for the first time. Even though its been 1 yr 9 mths of being married to Gurpreet, he is not just my husband but also my best friend who is my equal partner in everything we do. I never believed in the concept of sole mate but after being married to Gurpreet - I realized that he is my sole mate because he understands me so well all the time even sometimes when I don't say anything. I want to thank babaji - Waheguru , my family and for introducing me to Gurpreet and last but not the least Thank You Gurpreet Singh Pannu for coming in my life and making it a Dream come True. You are everything I thought about and in fact much more then that. Thank You for making every moment so beautiful and full of surprises. Looking forward to many more of those beautiful event coming ahead of us. Thank You for not just being my husband but also my best friend at the same time. Love you !! Rupinder :)

Rupinder & Gurpreet Team congratulates Rupinder & Gurpreet. We wish you both a happy future.
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