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Shaadi Pride

Jayesh & Geeta (07 September 2006)
Jayesh & Geeta
Jayesh : I never believed that I would ever fall in love in my life. I thought that I am too matured and too practical to fall in love. But at the same time I had a strong feeling not to get into marriage unless I can strike a 'connection' with the girl. My patience and faith paid off. In the month of March'2006, I saw Gita's profile. I liked it and looking at her photograph itself I felt a connection with her and I sent her a mail. She replied me back after a week or so and than couple of more e-mails were exchanged. At this note but both of us were casual as yet because we didn?t know each other?s mind yet. I was planning to visit Mumbai in the month of June. So I asked her if we can meet personally once before communicating further. We managed to meet personally for an hour on 8th June. I liked her in the first meeting itself, but we had a long way to go before knowing each other well and setting the expectations. I believed that for getting married it is not enough just to like each other by looks wise or nature wise, but it is very much necessary to settle your expectations from the partner before you decide on the partner. For me, it was very much necessary to check with my self whether I will be able to stick to this relationship for the rest of my life. Because relationships built up on compromises don?t stand for long when tested against time. But from the time I saw her, things moved on quite naturally and effortlessly. After I left Mumbai we started mailing each other again. We discussed a few practical points and I was impressed by her way of looking at the things. May be god wanted both of us to come together so during that time I got many opportunities to visit Mumbai quite frequently and we got the opportunity to discuss the things personally and know each other better. At the same time we started exchanging sms?s, mails as well as phone calls from the time when I left Mumbai. During all this while I gave her hints about my interest in her and as we spoke, my interest (which I thought could be infatuation) started to turn into love for her. Finally I proposed to her on 6th July-2006 (in less than a month since we first met personally). To my joy she also didn?t take much time to say 'yes' to my proposal and we took the things formally to our families. With good wishes from both the families, we will be tying the knot on 12-Oct-2006. I thank for being the medium for making both of us meet. I had created my profile on other matrimonial site also but I had always been more comfortable with and hence never used the other site much. My faith in myself and the medium of has paid off. Thanks a lot to the whole team of for being such a wonderful medium. Geeta : Life is strange. We never know when we may come across the person we had been looking for. The same happened to me. I had posted my profile on to find prospective life partner. I had been getting proposals from as well as from our own community also, but somehow none of them worked out. I had created my profile on other matrimonial sites also, but I was more comfortable with in terms of presentation, user-friendly, so never used any other site. During the month of March 2006, I got an interest from Jayesh. Initially when I went through his profile, I was very casual towards my approach, wasn?t kind of much interested in him. But I thought I shouldn?t judge people so fast, so I mailed him back to know something more about him and this way we started communicating. Initially we were just communicating through mails as he was out of India. During all this time when we were mailing each other, my impression about him was that he was just like any other guy, nothing so special about him. But then during the month of June, when he came to Mumbai for two days, he asked if we could meet personally. I was a bit hesitant, but then thought it was not a big deal and went ahead to meet him (very casually). But when I met him for the first time, I changed my opinion about him. He was quite interesting and impressive. Being an ambitious person, he was very clear what he wanted in his life, he wasn?t ready to compromise on anything and also at the same time encouraged me never to make compromises especially in marriages. He was very honest to tell me everything about himself. Within 2-3 meetings, I felt he had started liking me, as he was already giving me the hints. We continued communicating through mails, phone calls and discussed all the practical points at length so that there was no place for misunderstandings later on. There weren?t many issues on which we disagreed. Our thoughts and outlook towards life was almost the same. At this point I had also started liking him for his soft and caring nature. Within a month since we had personally met, he proposed me and I said ?yes?. He immediately came and met my parents, told them everything about himself and encouraged them to clear all their doubts about him that they might be having in their minds. Now with the blessing of both the families, we will be tying the knot on 12 of October. At this point, I would specially thank the whole team of for being a medium and building a platform helping people to find their soul mates. My best wishes to the team. Keep up the good job and carry on the noble work of bringing people together.

Wedding DATE : 12th Oct, 2006
Jayesh & Geeta Team congratulates Jayesh & Geeta. We wish you both a happy future.
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