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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Nilesh & Trusha (17 August 2006)
Nilesh & Trusha
Nilesh & Trusha
Nilesh & Trusha
Thanking you Friends for taking out time to read my successful story today. Firstly I apologise for any mistakes that I might have made. I am fortunate to meet Trusha on the 3rd of April 06 through There was a bit of effort required but in the end there was success. A few days later we went out for a coffee, where she came to meet me for the first time on the 9th of April 06. It was exciting to actually meet someone in person after some chatting through e-mails. It was her Birthday on the 15th of April & I was invited. I went to her place about 2 hours drive from my house. There I met her family, who are just wonderful people. Trusha is HARD OF HEARING. She speaks English & understands a bit of Gujarati & she also knows sign language. She?s never been to India, though her background is Indian and so I will be pleased to show her my India. She?s Good Looking, Intelligent, a quick learner, matured, spontaneous, Loving, Caring & most of all; she is just the right person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. What else can I say about her? She?s the right package. Hakikat Hai Ya Afsanaa, Kuchh Nahi Jaante HUM? Trusha Pe Lo Aa Ruka Hai Is DIL Ka Yeh Safar, Manzil Thi Saamne Par Hum The Bekhabar, Thi Trusha Ke DIL Pe Kabse Yeh Nazar, Khamosh Mohobbat Aakhir Kar Gayi Asaar, HUM Ko To Kab Se Yeh Ikraar Hai... HUM Ko To Trusha Se PYAAR Hai... DIL Ke Darwaze Bandh The To Dastak Di, TUM Aa Gaye Leke Chahat Ki Har Khushi, DIL Aaj Se Hamara Ghar Hua Hai Tumhara, Woh Hua Pehle Jo Na Hua, Haan,,,Is Ghadi Ka Intezaar Tha HUMKO, Aao Hum De Ek Dua Zara TUMKO, Ki Rakhe Door Khuda Tumse Duniya Ke Har Gham Ko. HUM Ko To Kabse Yeh Ikraar Hai... Ki Sirf Tumse Hi Pyaar Hai... Ki Sirf Trusha se Pyaar Hai... We went out a couple of times & we spent some time together before we officially got engaged on the 9th of July 06. We've planned on getting married at the end of November 06. We stay in South Africa and I have parents back in India who are very happy & now eager to come down for the wedding. You all are also invited. I am very appreciative to the entire team of and very pleased with the efforts they are making so that people like me can meet their Life partners through the Internet. At times I needed help and was lucky to get a quick response from their team. Without, I wouldn't have met Trusha, so here are my Best Wishes to the People behind the web site to keep up the good work. And not to forget my Best Wishes to all the friends out there hope they also get their Mr. & Miss Right sooner or later. Never loose HOPE. That?s the key. Let you?re Every Day Be like a Plane, God as Your Co-Pilot, Dreams as Your Wings, Hope as the Fuel, Love as the Engine, And Happiness as the Passengers Thanking you once again, Warm Regards

Wedding DATE : 26th Nov, 2006
Nilesh & Trusha Team congratulates Nilesh & Trusha. We wish you both a happy future.
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