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Shaadi Pride

Kiranraj & Purnima (08 May 2011)
Kiranraj & Purnima
Kiranraj & Purnima
Kiranraj & Purnima
The very beginning of the year 2009, I got an 'interest' from someone .I hated the id as soon as I set my eyes on it. Yet, I accepted. I just wanted to know what was the name behind the 'KK'. Eventually, I came to know it was Kiranraj Kamath. After the initial back and forth of emails describing family details and horoscope, I realized he was from our native town. And, I was much against getting married to anyone related with that town. I sent him yet another email stating our horoscopes do not match; and wishing him good luck in his search for the perfect bride. Though my mom was against my negative thoughts towards marrying a guy from our native place, she relented in this case as KK mentioned in his email that he had to return to the US within fifteen days, and that his parents would want to get the engagement done before he disappeared for another year. The prospect of getting engaged within fifteen days was not suitable with my parents. After all, they had their background checks to do. Hence my decision to blatantly lie to him about the horoscope worked well. Since he had my gmail id, he had added me to his chat list and occasionally he started to say a little 'HI' to me. I always managed to keep the communication short and few. Later for about 4 months we did not talk to each other since I was visiting my brother in Singapore and the online timings wouldn't match. One fine day in June, when I came back to my parents place, his chat window popped up again and we got talking. We talked generally about weather and health and also development on our respective partner hunts. Earlier the chats were restricted to 15 mins. Within a few months we would chat practically 12 hours a day(with breaks in between)! We both started looking forward to finding a green dot next to the other's name. This saga continued until December, when he finally caught me off guard by saying 'Let's elope.' when I was in the office doing some important work while simultaneously chatting with him. Wide eyed, I stared at my screen and asked him if he was serious. He said he was, he wanted to marry me! Surprisingly, I realized I was waiting for him to say "Marry Me"! BING! It struck me, I had lied to him about our horoscopes not matching. I told him the truth and got ready to accept his anger or maybe rejection even. He riff raffed all that, saying we both love each other and that's what mattered. From that moment, it was a downhill journey. I talked to him for the first time on phone and fell in love with his voice. We spoke to our respective parents and got them to do the groundwork for the big day. My parents were OK with not matching the horoscope, after all 'dil mil gaye toh baat ban gayi. However, my mother in law was keen on stars and their alignment. Nevertheless, KK said he would marry me no matter what the stars spelled. As luck would have it, we had an 80% match. April 9th, 2010 was our big day! Among all excitement and joy, there was a huge curiosity because I had not seen my fianc? face to face ever. We finally met just 20 days prior to our wedding date and that was the moment when time stood still for the two of us. Today after completing one full year of married life, I can say, there could have been no better man for me who is not just a husband, but an amazing buddy , guide and lover. If not for, I perhaps would have never met this stranger who has today made my life so beautiful and worth living

Wedding DATE : 9th Apr, 2010
Kiranraj & Purnima Team congratulates Kiranraj & Purnima. We wish you both a happy future.
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