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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Agile & Sonia (16 April 2011)
Agile & Sonia
Agile & Sonia
Agile & Sonia
I was looking for a suitable groom for myself and I had placed adds in a few matrimonial papers and sites and I was getting nothing but appointment's from all of them . Then one of my friends told me about . First i was not willing to place an add , because I thought it will be like any other matrimonial sites , but to my amazement it was not !!!. My dad had pit the add for me and we got quick response from a lot of good bachelors asking my hand in marriage, some how some where all the proposals that were coming were missing something , I dint know what ! but i guess i was not able to make a good connection with them too , then i was about to end my contract with Shaadi .com and on the last day the very day my contract got over ,I saw a message from some one in my inbox .Very reluctantly I responded back and gave my phone number to call ,thinking i will not be able to connect with him too as I thought that these dating sites were of no good... But as they say life is full of surprises . Life had a surprise in-store for me too . One Sunday morning I received an email from some one asking me to chat with him and so i said to myself ' Why not ,give it a try " i started chatting with him and then he called me and i spoke to him for ten minutes ,after i hung up ,I felt the urge to speak to him more . I waited for him to call me this time and he called me . We started talking every day , texting to each other ,and I found out I was in love , I feel in love with Agile who lived seven oceans apart . One fine day Agile told me " Liz I am coming to India to meet you ,will you meet me " I said yes and I went to my homeland Kerala to meet him as he was visiting his best friends wedding which was going to be held their , I went with my Dad and Mum .. and my Dad arranged a day when he could come with his family to see me .. we meet each other for the first time on 9/9/2009 , what a significant date . Love for us was at first sight and we decided to take it forward from their . We got engaged on 13 th September 2009 and our family fixed the day of marriage which was the 23 rd of August 2010 . Mean while all the wedding arrangements were going on , Wedding Cards were being sent out , I lost my Dad all of a sudden in an accident , Agile supported me a lot and he was the pillar of strength for my family . We got married on the date my Dad had decided . As i walked down the and our names were been read' Agile weds Liz ' I remembered my father and I am sure he is blessing us from above , It was destiny that Agile and i were meant top be together , but we could not have ever found each other with out the help of . Today we both are happily married and we thank Shaadi for connecting us .. Lots of love Elizabeth and Agile Roy

Wedding DATE : 23rd Aug, 2010
Agile & Sonia Team congratulates Agile & Sonia. We wish you both a happy future.
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