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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Saurin & Deepti (15 April 2011)
Saurin & Deepti
Saurin & Deepti
Saurin & Deepti
I found my wife on I will let her describe the experience in her own words as follows: About four years ago during my lunch time at work, I was explaining to my co-worker how people get married in India, and how some people now search online for their future life-partners. She being Korean had never heard of such websites. To end her curiosity, I opened up's website and we did a quick search to look at guy's profiles. We quickly glanced at some profiles and then there it was?. "LIfe is not measured by the breaths you take, but by the moments that take you breath away?." That was the moment that took my breath away and for the first time I glanced at my husband-to-be's pictures?. Love at first sight (or rather a web 'site)?.? Could it be? How come? I don't even know this person. And I was always against finding someone thru' websites or newspapers?. so mechanical and un-natural! How can people get married by filling up a form & weighing people on the basis of their caste, or education, or jobs, height, color and what not! That was not the route for me. I wanted to first fall in love with someone. I believe in 'Soul mates' and was looking for'Serendipity' kind of love?. Rest of the day went by quickly as my mind was still absorbed with thoughts about this guy. Why was I experiencing these emotions for a stranger who advertised on a Wedding website??!!! It was all against my beliefs about finding true love. You don't 'find'? it 'happens'. I went home still entranced and looked at his profile again. I HAD to do it. The feelings were too compelling and I had to follow my heart. I created my profile for the first time and sent him my 'interest'. Now it was up to him to respond. Well, next day I got the mail back from telling me that he only responds to profiles with pictures. Hmmm?. again I wondered if it was ok to post my pictures? Felt kinda scared but I had to do this no matter what. Finally, I posted my pictures & he accepted my interest. I sent his profile to my whole family and friends and told them this is the guy I want to marry! Everyone was shocked but happy at the same time. Finally I was doing what they've been asking me to do for a long time! They asked me to talk to other guys too, since I was already on the website. But why would I?? :) I did exchange emails with some other interests too, but it felt pointless and I ended that asap. Saurin and I exchanged few emails talking about the weather and casual everyday things. And then we decided to talk on the phone. As soon as we first said 'hello' we both started laughing?. and we talked for hours like some very old friends! We talked about everything in the world, except marriage. We were enjoying our long conversations?. it all felt so natural and comforting. After two months Saurin decided to come and meet me in New Jersey. Again, I felt the same old connection that I had felt looking at his pictures for the first time at Saurin had been at for two years and had never felt this way for anyone he met before. Even though he had found some really nice women, he never felt this strong connection with anyone else. He envies me for not having to go thru' the 'process' and getting lucky with the very first guy I found on the site. My take on this is that 'I knew' and followed my heart, whereas he was going just 'by the process' until I came along! :) Next Year we got married and have been living happily ever after! :) SerenDipity happened between 'Saurin and 'Deepti'! :) Like I said on my profile?."and I thought matches were made in heaven, but now I've realized that even heaven is busy making matches online" Thanks!!

Wedding DATE : 26th Jan, 2008
Saurin & Deepti Team congratulates Saurin & Deepti. We wish you both a happy future.
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