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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Atul & Seema (05 April 2011)
Atul & Seema
Atul & Seema
Atul & Seema
Here is mine success story It?s my pleasure to share our successful story... Once i was done with my Masters, i was getting lot of pressure back in India to start looking for a girl for myself and i was wondering how I could do this here in USA, since I was new to this country. I came across adv. went through it. I already had a picture of what kind of girl I wanted. I was looking for a girl who was Honest, Confident, Caring, Family oriented with a blend of East and West culture. When i saw her profile on, i forgot everything what i was looking for but got intoxicated with her Long hair, Smile and beauty. Without thinking next i did send her the Request for acceptance. However at that time I was not having a job when she accepted and replied back to my request , so there was no way i was about to talk further without any Job. Neither i wanted to loose or send some wrong Impression about myself. So I started my Job search faster, but every night before going to bed i use to check her profile everyday to see if she is hasn\'t got her soul mate. After 3 months, when i got the Job, I emailed her explaining everything why there was a gap of 3 months in replying. From there it was like a dream. We started exchanging emails, got over the Phone for long hours and everything was falling in their respective places. The very first line when she spoke over the phone was in Punjabi so fluently (even spending 20 years in USA). I was so mesmerized and bewitched with this, that I got a gut feeling I haven\'t chosen a wrong girl. I was so impressed with her that i even told her, that she can give hard time to anybody in Punjabi. I found everything in her what i was looking in my soul mate. We chat for 1 week and decided to meet. I was so galvanized and captivated by her eyes, smile and long hair, that i decide to get married at that moment with her. Her cute smile made me Euphoric and I was getting enraptured with the every moment spending with her. We again met next day for 7 hours and the same night i talked with my parents back in India about her. I was so poised and had so much impudence to talk directly with my father about this. I send them her pictures and they all liked. But like any parent, they wanted the girl to be family oriented and caring. I told them about my 2 meetings with her, how she talks, how Respectful and god fearing she is. When my Mother came to know she was Radha Soami, she was so gratified that a girl raised in USA, still follows her religion, cares about family, that she gave me green signal. Next week Seema called me over for a dinner with her family. I went had a great time with her family. To both of our surprise her mom instantly called my parents back in India and they fixed our relationship. Her family back in India visited my parent the very next day to fix everything. We both got engaged this same weekend on Feb 14, 2010. We then went back to India and had our Indian Traditional marriage on March 24, 2010. All this happened in span of 1 month. I am so happy that i was member of, and they helped me finding my dream girl. Without this Platform, it probably would have taken enough time for me to get my soul mate. Once again thank you so

Wedding DATE : 24th Mar, 2010
Atul & Seema Team congratulates Atul & Seema. We wish you both a happy future.
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