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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Hemant & Shruti (05 April 2011)
Hemant & Shruti
Hemant & Shruti
Hemant & Shruti
Well..Where do I begin? I was forced to join In fact I was not even informed before my parents created my profile and Hemant's case is totally different. He created his own ID and was actively looking for a girl himself. Initially I gave in to their demand and spoke to a few guys but I was faced with disappointment quite a few times. There were times when guys lied to me and hid things from me and my family. I spoke to guys who were pompous or demanding. After this initial experience, I just gave up on this online thing and told my parents that I will not be going through this anymore. But they insisted on giving it another try. To retaliate against this decision that was forced upon me, I began rejecting every guy that showed interest in me. Either I would deny his request to communicate with me before my parents found out or if my parents accepted the request for me, I would not return their phone calls or emails and finally all these guys would giveup and stop contacting me (or bugging me as I would put it back then). When Hemant contacted me, my parents accepted his request before I got the opportunity to deny it but didnt tell me about it. As luck would have it, when Hemant called I did not realize who it is and picked up the phone. When I realized that it was "some guy" from, I was about to make an excuse and hang up but for some reason, I did not do so. I guess I liked his voice. You see, he has a sort of a soft and polite tone. I started talking to him and we ended talking for an hour. This was the beginning of our beautiful relationship. But I was still not sure if I wanted to go through with it so when he texted me after our first phone conversation, I didnt reply to his text for 4 days! In fact he was about to cancel his interest in me on the day that I finally texted him back. After that I would never pick up his calls but I used to call him once a week. Initially there were times when I would call during his lunch break because I knew he would be unavailable to talk. This way I could just leave a message to show that I called but wouldn't have to actually talk to him. This was my way of returning his calls. Also my parents found out that I had finally started speaking to a guy, so I had to return his calls to give them updates. He had even nicknamed me "Chitrahaar" after a radio program in India back in the 80's which would come on only once a week. I am in Houston and he is in New York, so we could not meet up immediately. We spoke for about 2 months, before he decided to make a trip down to Houston to see me. He was really apprehensive about this trip. In fact he wasn't even sure why he was making a trip to Houston for a girl who never returns his calls and only calls him once a week. But I guess he liked something about me and decided to take that leap. We started talking in July and he came down to see me in September. I went to pick him and brought him home. He agreed to meet with my parents and was so warm with them. He was polite, decent and very well spoken, not to mention much cuter in person. As I saw him interact with my family and the way he spoke to me and behaved in my house, I realized that he is very special person. And for some unexplained reason, he really liked me as well. He was in Houston for the entire weekend and at the end of it, we decided to take things further. He spoke to his parents and my parents and suddenly we both had a special person and relationship in our lives. The rest as they say is history. Its scary to think that because of my childishness I could have lost Hemant. In spite of trying my best to avoid contact with him, fate just kept us together. I always tell my friends that ours is a match made in " Heaven."

Wedding DATE : 19th Nov, 2012
Hemant & Shruti Team congratulates Hemant & Shruti. We wish you both a happy future.
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