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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Swarup & Snehal (05 April 2011)
Swarup & Snehal
Swarup & Snehal
Swarup & Snehal
Hi, I am Swarup Debnath who met my soul mate, my half life, my partner of crime - Snehal Dhananjay on last August. I am a Bengali "babu moshai" hailing from Kolkata whereas she is a Marathi "mulgi" from amchi Mumbai. We got introduced over the internet when I was in Bangalore and she was far away in Pune. Basically one fine rainy night of Bangalore (17th Aug, 2010) turned my life upside down when I somehow (still don't know why:)) sent the request to her profile. The outcome was - next day morning a call from an unknown mobile number though we couldn't get much time to talk in our that maiden call but next night onwards we started to do a "bheja-fry" of each others:). And the rest was the history when two imperfect souls started a journey together and learnt enjoying their differences. My life stopped to be the same and simple as it was earlier. I started travelling to Pune from Bangalore almost the alternate weekend to spend my most valuable time with my girl friend. Our cyber chat, emails, any-time long phone calls continued to increase. To me "Meeting Snehal was fate, becoming her friend was a choice but falling in love with her was beyond my control". It's just like a miracle that we both started loving a person who can't love anyone except us:). Once we both were decided to go ahead together in our life gradually our families got introduced in this process. Everything ran smooth and I got ecstatic thinking that I would marry the person who I don't only think I can live with but I think I can't live without. I started believing more that really any unexpected thing can happen on this beautiful world. It's just like "Veni Vidi Vici" i.e. "she came to my life, she saw me & my family and she conquered me". You know what - She always has a hand to lend I know that because she's my BEST friend She is there in my life and death Also there with my every breath She is my FOREVER friend And remember forever has no end.... As you know marriages are fixed in heaven but celebrated on earth and then on the moving wheel of life the time came when we should unite. Basically to keep our marriage brimming and that too with love in the wedding cup we were finally ready to admit whenever we would be wrong and shut up whenever we would be right. The D-day got finalized as Jan 26th, 2011. The marriage was scheduled to be in Mumbai and the reception in Kolkata on Jan 30th, 2011. We both initially became a little bit nervous but at the same time got more excited to enter into the next phase of our life with our dearest ones on this solar system. Today we think we are the best happily married couple on this beautiful earth. I never imagined that one simple request would force me sending this story one fine day!! We both are always really greatful and thankful to for making us kick off our wonderful journey together forever.

Wedding DATE : 26th Jan, 2011
Swarup & Snehal Team congratulates Swarup & Snehal. We wish you both a happy future.
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