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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale (31 May 2013)
Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale
Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale
Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale
Many of my friends found their life partners through matrimonial websites, but I never thought it will happen to me as well. I was never so keen about paid membership on but thanks to my Dad who encouraged me to go for it. On the occasion of Dasara, 30th October 2010, finally I took the decision of taking the same. For entire November month, I didn?t even log in to site. December started and I actually started searching for my life partner. While surfing through, I saw Neeraj?s profile, which grabbed my attention. Immediately I sent an initial interest, that day was 3rd December. The very next day, he accepted my interest. After getting his contact details, I gave him a call on 5th December and that led to our first conversation. It was very interesting, in those 20-25 minutes, we found many common interests, likes, dislikes. Something in my heart said yes, this is the guy I was looking for. Mumbai is my hometown and for him it?s Pune, so for a personal meet, we had to wait for one week, which apparently felt so long. During those days, we were sharing our thoughts on calls and exchanging a few ext messages was unavoidable. And finally the day arrived; it was Saturday, 11th December. He reached Mumbai in afternoon; we planned to meet in the evening. CCD at Kandivali seemed to be a perfect venue, during travelling, there were lots of questions storming my mind. How he will be in real life, will he be the same as I had seen him in his photograph, on what topics we should talk, how will he find myself etc. I reached the place, as always CCD appeared a busy place, I was waiting for him outside and then within 5 minutes he was there, right in front of me. Smiles, we exchanged, a little handshake and we entered CCD. ?A lot can happen over a coffee?, a slogan of CCD that caught my attention, will it really happen with me as well? A sudden though and I heard ?Hey?, he started the conversation and things moved on, starting was good, my fingers were crossed. We spent around three hours there, shared our thoughts, views on various topics including favorites, habits, career goals, future plans etc. While leaving, I looked at the slogan again, a smile didn?t leave me J Yes, it really happened to me, something are destined and they happen for your good for sure. After that interesting meet, we decided to face a real test, a discussion with family. We both are blessed enough to have open minded parents. They were patient enough to understand this new concept, wherein instead of parents taking the initiative, girl and boy decide to know each other first before taking probably the biggest decision of their lives. Both parents supported us and then there was green signal. Neeraj?s parents had left for their trip to Kanyakumari by that time. So when they were back, I happened to go to Pune with my brother. Again lots of questions appeared in my mind during those four hours of Mumbai Pune Journey. I was all comfort while talking to his parents. We all enjoyed family lunch together, there were smiles all around. With all those happy moments written in memoirs, I left Pune. Next weekend, Neeraj and his parents came to our home. Both families liked each other, plans for our engagement started getting verbalized, actions slowly followed them, meanwhile a special occasion came, my Birthday. Neeraj took a leave and came home to meet me. A natural pearl set, a perfect gift on a special day. I have been waiting for this moment to come in my life. God already gifted me the best birthday gift this year, that was Neeraj J, We went for Lunch, then coffee and followed by Dinner. Next weekend, we purchased our engagement rings, choices were not so different, he knew by that time what exactly I like, but that was our first joint shopping experience. Our phone calls and chats started becoming longer and longer, as each day passed by we started understanding each other better. Finally the day arrived, 13th February, our engagement, the happiest day of our lives. Neeraj has all the qualities that I was looking for, a perfect life partner and right now while I am writing all of this I must say ?my best friend?. Our wedding, it?s on 29th October, 2011, the next step towards a wonderful future. Thanks a lot We have recommended and will recommend this site to all of those who are looking for their life partners!!!

Wedding DATE : 29th Oct, 2011
Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale Team congratulates Nirmitee Raorane & Neeraj Athavale. We wish you both a happy future.
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