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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Shashank & Dolly (05 April 2011)
Shashank & Dolly
Shashank & Dolly
Shashank & Dolly
I still remember the day i.e. On 1st week of November 2009 , I sent the interest in my wife's Shaadi profile, and she accepted it a day later. I was already talking to a girl and never thought that doll909 will come in my life, after she accepted my request she changed her number. I just thought to send her a message as she never replied on my mails. But as God's ways are mysterious, the day I sent her the message at her old number, she switched it on to get some old details and it so happened that she got my message and replied asking me to call on the other number. Oh the network was so weak... I had to stand outside for four hours talking to her. I asked her to meet me, but she denied to meet so soon. I came to know that she recently shifted to a new PG which was within 2 kms of my house. She was not sure about me as we were of different caste. But finally she agreed and we met on 29th of november. Oh my god!!!! wat a day.... I was waiting to meet her since morning and so was she. When I reached to our meeting Venue in Bangalore... waiting for her I was looking upwards but to my surprise I saw a girl of about 5.1 feet coming towards me and I am 6 feet. My first reaction was that she is beautiful but little short for me. No issues I continued and we went to a mall and were there for 3 hours. All the time it was me who was talking and she kept observing( though now its only she who talks... lol). I took her for dinner and then dropped her to her PG as it was 10.30 p.m. We walked till her PG and that was one of the most romantic night I have spent with her. Before droping her I asked her wether I can call her again and she agreed. I decided the same day that I will marry her as she looked very similar to my aunt and would be the right person to take care of my family. She will be the one who will be with me in all my thick &thins. In a days time she also agreed that I was the MAN for her, according to her she decided it when we went on the first date and I tried to protect her while crossing the road. She wanted my care, love and attention. Then started our love story, our offices were also 5 mins walking distance and I used to go and see her every evening as she used to do night shifts. She told her parents about me and till that time my brother got our Horoscpoe matched. My Pandit said that she is my Lady luck and I will be very happy getting married to her. Out of 36, 27 gunas matched and all the Doshas were nullified in our Kundali. Her Parents came to see me, they liked me but were little confused because we are of different caste as she is a Gujrati and I am a Rajput and the other big issue was that I am a non vegetarian, but Dolly never had any issues with the same. She never asked me to quit eating non veg neither I asked her to start eating. My parents were cool and had no issues we gettimg married. She some how convinced her parents and my In Laws went to meet my Parents at Bhopal. Meeting my parents and seeing my house, they were pleased and agreed to give their daughter's hand in my hand. We were very happy and we got engaged on 31st may 2010 and then finally got married on 22nd November was the D day. I love my wife a lot and so does she. Thanks for bringing my angle in my life.

Wedding DATE : 22nd Nov, 2010
Shashank & Dolly Team congratulates Shashank & Dolly. We wish you both a happy future.
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