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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Neeta & Sasha (05 April 2011)
Neeta & Sasha
Neeta & Sasha
Neeta & Sasha
Our story doesn?t really have a beginning, since we were meant to meet all along? After chatting online through for several weeks, we made the next step and started talking on the phone any chance we could!! Then we decided to meet in person! On a snowy Christmas Eve, after some ?encouragement? from Neeta, Sasha was finally at the Toronto airport with a plane ticket to Phoenix. Armed with nothing but some courage and a large white box (with a purple ribbon no less), he took off wondering how he came to be on this crazy adventure to the desert at Christmas time. As soon as he landed, Sasha saw her instantly and got a very special feeling. As soon as Sasha said, ?Hello!? Neeta recognized his familiar, soothing voice that she had become accustomed to from their never-wanting-to-end phone calls. When Sasha finally gave her the white box, Neeta couldn?t wait to find out what was inside (of course, she never let on). However, at we arrived at the baggage claim, Neeta couldn?t hold out any longer and timidly asked if she could open the box. As soon as she did, she jumped with excitement as soon as she saw the dozen Sunset Roses that Sasha had brought ALLLLLLL the way from Canada. Whether it was Sasha?s charm or the box of roses that impressed Neeta, we will never know. Neeta thought that she would make Sasha?s birthday extra special by making a visit to see him in Toronto in April. Little did she know that he had a surprise waiting for her. After wondering why he was acting so funny, they set off for a nice drive into the city. Sasha explained that since he hadn?t been a very good tour guide, he wanted to show Neeta around the only way he knew how?in a plane. Neeta was innocently enjoying all the sights and taking pictures when all of a sudden? we were 3,500 feet in the air over Niagara Falls!! As the sun is hitting the mist of the falls, as a perfect sunset can, Sasha turned Neeta to him, asked if she would take his hand in marriage, and she wistfully said, ?Yes!? After making numerous phone calls on both sides, with many joyous looks from the airport staff, we made our way to Sasha?s next surprise. While we were both still on cloud nine, we made our way to the CN Tower where we enjoyed a remarkable dinner surrounded by unforgettable views of Toronto. Needless to the say, that night was the greatest of many more special moments that we will share in our lives together. Our wedding in November was spectacular, with all of our friends and family surrounding us. It really was special, and we are blessed to have met each other!

Wedding DATE : 27th Nov, 2010
Neeta & Sasha Team congratulates Neeta & Sasha. We wish you both a happy future.
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