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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Roshni & Hitesh (05 April 2011)
Roshni & Hitesh
Roshni & Hitesh
Roshni & Hitesh
Thank you to for making our love story happen.... I spent many years on Shaadi trying to find ?Mr Right? but ?Mr Wrong? kept finding his way to me, only for disappointment to follow. I thought that perhaps my time searching was coming to an end and that I should give up. But, I?m so glad that I didn?t and kept the faith that someday ?he? would come along one day and ?he? did. We met in November 2008 when Hitesh expressed an interest, but not being a full member at the time, he was unable to write a message to me. He was ?local?, from the Manchester region, which was a plus point, as other people I had met on Shaadi were generally from Birmingham or ?down South?. Studying his profile photo, he had a lovely smile, so with his smile and location in mind, I decided to accept and without hesitation, sent a message with a contact number. We agreed to meet a few days later, at a pub near to where I work in Preston. Coming straight from work himself, Hitesh was dressed very smartly in a suit, but also with his unmistakable smile. Being easy to chat to, we chatted casually about our experiences so far, our trials and tribulations in the dating game; the good (seemingly) and bad dates. It was clear that we had enjoyed this meeting, so date number two was fast organised as dinner at his house! Although a second date at a more intimate surrounding would normally be a ?no no?, I felt at ease with Hitesh and sensed that he was a gentleman with the most honourable intentions of course! He didn?t fail to disappoint and was able to impress me with his culinary skills, which to this day still shows no bounds! Date number three soon followed and our relationship began to take its natural course. Before I met Hitesh, I never really thought that the person I imagined myself being with could exist. My ideal man was to be kind, considerate, able to compromise, make me laugh and of course be able to cook ( because I?m so bad!). I found all these qualities and much more than that. I found that Hitesh and I could be ourselves with each other, no awkwardness, no pretending to be someone that you thought the other person wanted to see. Most importantly we were ?looking in the same direction? and wanted the same things in life. And life has definately become the one I aspired to. We got engaged in June 2009 and got married in April 2010. Now we have the next exciting phase of our life to come, as our baby is due to arrive soon! So the message to anyone looking for love is don?t give up, beacuse you never know who you?ll meet and where your life adventures will take you. Finding love is a journey and can be a long and arduous one. But once you find it, the journey gets better and becomes so much more fun to share! Thanks again for helping us on this journey!

Wedding DATE : 3rd Apr, 2010
Roshni & Hitesh Team congratulates Roshni & Hitesh. We wish you both a happy future.
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