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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Vinoj & Anisha (30 March 2011)
Vinoj & Anisha
Vinoj & Anisha
Vinoj & Anisha
*note- the following is taken from our wedding website* Inevitably, the question that any couple hears most often is, "So how'd you guys meet?" And usually the answer takes the form of either a mutual friend, a common place such as work or an event, or maybe even family. Our story has a slightly different tilt: We met on The most common response to this is usually, "NO [insert adjective] WAY." To be fair, with the way that so many different factors worked out, it certainly wouldseem that this isn't something as random as meeting someone on a website. We just call it a blessing. Her story Like many girls, I was strongly opposed to anything related with Mummy on the other hand, would check the site everyday encouraging me to find somebody. I kept saying "Mummy, it's so stupid, I am NOT going to go on"? Finally, after days of persuading me, Mummy finally succeeded.? I decided to check out what was out there. My first time on Shaadi, I wanted to make sure to protect my identity.? I decided to be slick, ?going under my mom's username, Shyla2008. ?As? I was scrolling through the different profiles, "Lame, lame, SUPER lame," was all I kept muttering to myself.? I knew this was going to be a waste of my time.? Then, out of the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a profile for KalElVZ. My first reaction? "Whoa he's cuutteee!"? I continued to read the profile and About me, cracking up and thinking, "Wow this guy seems really cool." But instead of attempting to contact him, I thought, "Nah. He's not gonna be interested. Let it go." And so I did, but that profile stayed in the back of my mind. A year passed, and yet again I found myself looking at To my surprise, who do I see come up on the listings?? That's right. KalElVZ.? I don't know what came across me that day, but for the first time in my life I expressed interest and messaged a guy.?? Two days later, I received a message in my inbox from KalElVZ, whose name was finally revealed as Vinoj. In his first email to me, Vinoj mentioned he was going on a business trip that weekend, and he would write me when he got back.? I knew of course, that this was code for, "Not interested."? In fact, a couple of days later, Mummy asked about Vinoj and I replied blankly, "Oh...he's gone."? To my surprise, Vinoj did actually email me back.? Later I found out that this was him, "trying to play the game." [Vinoj's note: Come on?.. everybody does it! ]We emailed each other for a week, followed by instant messaging, phone calls, and then the most frightening part: videochat. After some initial hesitation on iChat (we're also Mac lovers), ?we couldn't believe how much we had in common: We were born in the same country, have the same breed of dog, love food, and the insane amount of family connections.? It truly felt like Divine Intervention. I still remember the day when Vinoj said "I'd love to come see you.? Whenever you're ready, you can let me know." WHAT!?? A guy across the country was willing to come see me!?? It felt unreal.? But after much thought and prayer, I knew I had to meet him. On September 11, 2009, Vinoj and I finally met.? By the end of the weekend, I knew I would miss him even though we had met just once.? I couldn't believe everything I was feeling, and after much prayer, I knew: He was it. His story Vinoj found an expressed interest waiting for him in his inbox in July of 2009 and was puzzled; why was an attractive girl from the US contacting him? There had to be some mistake. The only girls that had ever expressed interest in him barely had much to say other than the trite and overused, "I am a good mix of East and West." Anyone moderately interesting who expressed interest usually meant--- ahh. Psycho. So that's what this girl must have been. Nevertheless, being rather attractive, he decided to write her back. She wrote back too. And he wrote again. And she wrote, yet again. Which then led to the first big step: instant messaging. Their first conversation was a tentative dance of each testing the waters with each other. Surprisingly, there was chemistry and conversation flowed remarkably easily. (Mostly because Vinoj is an amazing conversationalist, and he's quite charming and handsome and---OWWWW-- okay she's pulling my ear. I'll stop that.) This then led to a phone conversation, and little did Anisha know, but within just a few minutes of talking to her, Vinoj heard a voice in his head.? A voice that said, "Here she is. She's the one." Of course did he tell her? Cardinal rule of talking to women- don't go effusive on praise right off the bat. Women run away screaming. One conversation turned to two, which became more, and hours of conversation and iChat videochats later, it was time to finally meet up. In September of 2009, Vinoj and Anisha met for the first time. She looked at him and gazed in amazement at this rock of a man. (OWWW ok.. stopping..) It was also the weekend of interviews with her family. What would they ask? What would they think? Was he good enough for their precious Anisha? After sweating bullets before talking to her brother (he turned out to be verrry chill and relaxed) and a second round of interviews with her father the next day (whose love for his daughter was so touching), Vinoj flew back, anxiously waiting the next chance to see Anisha. As the days grew longer, it became clear to both of them that this wasn't just another relationship. This was it. This was the real deal. God had truly blessed them with a life partner. So, on October 24th, 2009, the day before Vinoj's birthday, Vinoj proposed to Anisha. She accepted.

Wedding DATE : 31st Jul, 2010
Vinoj & Anisha Team congratulates Vinoj & Anisha. We wish you both a happy future.
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