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Shaadi Pride

Shreya & Amit (10 May 2003)
Shreya & Amit
Shreya & Amit
Shreya & Amit
I would like to thank you all for your help in helping me find the love of my life. This past December you introduced me to Shreya Dave ( profile "smbd"). Our story is one that definitely proves the power of destiny and also unscores the fact that God has definitely created one specific person for everyone.
The story begins when one week before my birthday on Christmas Day, I received an e-mail stating that Shreya was interested in speaking with me. Soon after I read over her profile and accepted her invitation to communicate, we began to chat on the internet via Yahoo! Messenger. As soon as we started to communicate we could sense that there was significant chemistry between us as when we chatted our sessions lasted well into the wee hours of the morning and the frequency of our chatting sessions became more frequent as time went on. Over the next 2 months as we chatted, we both came to realize that we were really meant for each other. However all these emotions remained well hidden until February, when on Valentine's Day Shreya did something very courageous and amazing that changed the course of our relationship all together. She sent me a very heart felt Valentine's Day card that told me exactly how she felt about me. This in turn gave me the courage to tell her that I felt the same way. From that point our internet friendship turned into a whirlwind romance which only grew more intense when we discovered one day during one of our chatting sessions that we truely were destined for one another.
As it is customary in Hindu families for parents to help their children to search for their life partner, my parents as well as Shreya's parents were doing the same by speaking with relatives and also circulating our "bio-data" via various resources. As it turns out, several months before I met Shreya on, Shreya's cousin happened to be leafing through a publication produced by Baj Khedaval (my sub-caste) which contained my bio-data. An interesting tid bit is that Shreya and I are not of the same sub-caste which made our meeting that much unlikely, however Shreya's cousin and I are both Baj Khedaval which theoretically should've facilitated us meeting. However, as you will see that was not the case. After reading my bio-data and showing it to Shreya's father, Shreya's cousin phoned my uncle (who happened to be the contact that was listed with my bio-data) requesting more information about me. As a result of their phone conversation, my uncle discovered that Shreya was still in London working on her studies. As a result, our meeting was deferred to another time and the entire matter was eventually forgotten as no one followed up on it. When I visited India in November 2002, my parents introduced me to many people, however I never felt that I "clicked" with any of the people that I met. So I came back to the U.S. a little disappointed that I did not find anyone.
Several months later when my mother and my uncle were talking, my mom incidentally mentioned Shreya's father's name to my uncle, he immediately remembered that someone from Shreya's family had contacted him concerning my biodata. I mentioned this to Shreya during one of our chats and after speaking with her cousin, she confirmed that we indeed were supposed to meet when I visited India in November. Although her cousin knew that Shreya was speaking to someone in the United States, he was totally shocked when he learned that the person that Shreya was chatting with on the internet was the very same person that he had attempted to contact several months earlier before Shreya even posted her profile on To put a further twist in this story, Shreya told me that out of the thousands of profiles posted on, mine was the only profile where she had chosen to initiate the contact.
After learning all of this, Shreya and I became sure that we truely were destined for one another. Therefore after 4 months of endless chatting on the internet, on April 21, 2003, Shreya and I met face to face for the first time. On our very first day together, I dropped to my knee and asked her hand in marriage. On April 25, 2003, in front of approximately 500 friends and family members gathered at Hotel Rajvadu in Ahmedabad, Shreya and I were engaged to be married. I've included pictures from our engagement with this letter. We are currently in the midst of preparing for a wedding in January 2004.

Shreya & Amit Team congratulates Shreya & Amit. We wish you both a happy future.
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