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Shaadi Pride

Neema & Rahul (05 June 2003)
Neema & Rahul
Hello, my name is Neema (npatel2314) and I wanted to thank you for setting up such a wonderful site. I met my soon-to-be husband from this site (rdesai711) last summer. Things just went so smooth and wonderful. Actually, I still can't believe that this is really happening.

Rahul sent me his profile mid-July and waited for me to respond to him. I was on this site for about 6 months and was going to remove my profile because I wasn't sure if this was really going to work. Then a few weeks later, I decided to reply back giving him my email address. He then responded with his phone number.
Our first conversation lasted 5 hours!! Unbelievable. He lived in Chicago and I lived in Southern California. We were really eager to meet, however, with him being a surgical resident and I, a law student, it was not possible to meet for a few months. So what we decided to do is keep the conversations going and make the most of the distance. We began watching movies and football over the phone (thank god for the unlimited mobile-to-mobile minuties). And in no time we developed feelings for one another.

Finally, Rahul came to Orange County to visit me and my family in October. It was love at first sight. We had an amazing first date. He even spoke with my father in private and asked for my hand in marriage. My parents were so impressed by him. My father, however, stated that without his parents in the picture, he cannot give the blessings right away. Rahul immediately went to his parents home and told them that he was serious about me and wanted to marry me. While he was in Chicago, his parents drove down to meet my family and myself. It was so wonderful. His mother actually proposed to me by placing a gold bracelet on my hand.

After that, wedding plans were being discussed between the two families and in the meantime, I was still waiting for a formal proposal from Rahul. Finally, in December, Rahul and I met at his parents home. The trip was great and ended by him getting down on one knee with the ring in hand and making a formal proposal. That weekend we, also, legally got married because we needed a licensed to marry in our bhramins. Plus, that was the only weekday that Rahul would be able to come to California.
We just recently came back from a trip to India in which all of the shopping for the wedding was completed. I met his entire family in Bombay and Valsad. It was wonderful. My family and his blend so well together and not once in my life thought it would be so good.

Shaadi, once again, I want to thank you for not only introducing me to my partner and husband, but for making it possible to meet my soulmate. I knew that getting married would be great and exciting, but not once did I imagine it to be this wonderful in which not only do the two of us blend well, but the entire family does. In such a short time, two families really did become one. And that is all due to your wonderful set up on this site!!!

Neema & Rahul Team congratulates Neema & Rahul. We wish you both a happy future.
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