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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Rashmi & Anil (01 July 2003)
Rashmi & Anil
Rashmi & Anil
I believe that marriages are made in heaven and we only need a medium that lets two people, who are anyways destined to be together, meet. Like in "Bhagwat GITA", when Lord Krishna told warrier Arjuna that "You are just nimit-matra, so just work and I will create medium/results for you".

We experienced this first hand and our "finding our destiny" goes like this;
I (ANIL KUMAR) was on an assignment to IBM NY USA staying in New Jersey City. I came to US on August of 2002 and started working like a diligent IT nerd. But here is a catch, I had been thinking about getting married for past six months and explored the net and found out that has very good reach as well as success stories. One fine lucky day I made my registration (profile id=adhyani) in
On D-DAY, 11 Sept 2002 I made a search and there she was, any guesses who "she" in the previous statement is? ;-)). Well you guessed it right! She is Rashmi Singh, (profile id=looking02). I wrote to her that I am interested in talking to her and I got a positive reply from her. We started talking and have never looked back from that day.
We started in standard way, starting with e-mail and then that graduated to calling each other. It seems crazy, we use to talk till late mornings, and sleepy eyed go to our respective jobs next day. We felt a very strong connection and felt really comfortable with each other. We decided we needed to meet. Rashmi has two wonderful kids and we decided that the kids also needed to know me. So one weekend I flew to Arizona and stayed with them for the weekend. The kids really liked me; Rashmi and I decided that we want to pursue this more further. I wanted to be a "full-time" father to my kids :-))
But my job (knowledge transfer phase) with my clients was over in USA and I had to report back to IBM India and for that I traveled back to India on 11 October 2002. I was lucky to be living in an IT connected city like Bangalore. As apart from calling each other through phone we were also using audio and video chat and talked almost every day.

With the time passing the mutual feeling of ours grew and she came to India to meet me in December. Her parents are in Bhiali so she stayed with her folks in Bhilai and I traveled from Bangalore to meet her. I was so scared to meet her parents, but they also were lovely like her. Her sisters also came to meet her and I was fortunate enough to meet them there and get vetted by all of them. We all were ecsatic to see each other. I remember she and I talked for hours, it seemed liked we didn't pause at all. I have never felt so complete with anyone in my life. It is then we decided that we want to be together for our lives. I proposed to Rashmi and she accepted and we got engaged. She had to go back to US and we decided to file for the fiancé-visa and we hope as soon as possible we can reunite with each other, hold each other's hand and live ever happily ever after... We haven't set a date yet but plan on getting married as soon as I am in U.S.

Rashmi & Anil Team congratulates Rashmi & Anil. We wish you both a happy future.
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