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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Rupal & Kinjal (20 June 2003)
Rupal & Kinjal
Rupal & Kinjal
First of all I (Rupal) would like to thank and its team for the excellent services that they are providing. Let me just tell you briefly how I was prompted to post my profile on It goes like this.

When, one fine day I was just checking my mails, there was an advertisement that flashed asking to visit I logged on to the site and found it just amazing with the wide range of services that they provide. I, posted my profile ( profile id: rupalvora) on the 7th march 2003. Two days after creating my profile I started my search for my life partner. On the very same day I happened to read the profile of Kinjal Kothari ( profile id: Kinjal_Kothari) and I initiated the contact on the same day I read the profile.
After three days, I received a mail from Kinjal stating his acceptance. After which we communicated via e-mail. In my profile, I had mentioned about the world's greatest magician K.lal who happens to be my dad's uncle and Kinjal's neighbour in Ahmedabad, and a common link between both the families. At that point of time Kinjal was at Australia and I was at Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh). He called me and we had a telephonic conversation in order to know more about each other. We exchange all the details about us and both the families through K.Lal uncle. Me and Kinjal had many things in common and thought that this could be a right match for both of us. Both of us belong to Jain family and after all the primary requirements done by both the families it was decided to move a step further and call Kinjal from Australia to India in Ahmedabad and I, from Hyderabad to Ahmedabad, to meet each other personally.

It was 19th May 2003, when we met each other face to face for the first time and both of us learnt that we were made for each other and with the blessings and wishes of both the families it was decided to unite both of us sacredly.
Our wedding was decided just a week later at Ahmedabad i.e. on 27th May 2003 as Kinjal had to reach Australia by 15th June 2003. A week later on 27th May we got married as decided. It is said that "Marriages are made in Heaven and the happening of which is left on us" This according to me proves this saying. It was destined for us to meet and in our meeting played a very major role. Its was like dream come true for me and just an unbelievable thing for both of us .And getting married just in a span of week was next to impossible. But with the efforts made by both the families it all ended in good spirit and Kinjal is back to Australia. I once again than7/2/03k for helping both of us meet.

Rupal & Kinjal Team congratulates Rupal & Kinjal. We wish you both a happy future.
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