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Shaadi Pride

Manju & Ashok (01 September 2003)
Manju & Ashok
Manju & Ashok
I would like to thank the team for the wonderful work they are doing in bringing together souls across the globe.
That's exactly what happened with us. And this wonderful odyssey across the globe resulting in my husband Ashok Patil (profile id ¡ashokpatil77) and me (Manju -profile id ¡ManjuM) coming together as soulmates, was made possible through your site.

Well.. my profile was posted on your site for a few months & around mid-feb I received an invitation to communicate from profile id ashokpatil77 (thats what he was to me then.. just a profile, and I am sure I was to him). He was based in Los Angeles & I was in Bombay. I was'nt sure the long distance communication would yield any results. Anyways I liked his profile so I accepted, and that started a chain of emails, that gradually grew bigger & more personal.. yes.. the profile was beginning to acquire a distinct personality & uniqueness. We were averaging one email every alternate day. After about a week I received a call from him & that first call I think we spoke for about an hour. The calls & the emails grew more frequent. As we started to get to know each other better we gradually started liking each other more. Next, we were chatting daily on yahoo messenger, also emailing & talking on the phone. Ashok had just returned from India in January-end.. his next visit was slated for June when we proposed to meet each other, meanwhile we intended to continue communicating. But as the communication increased he decided that he would meet me in April when he had a week leave from work. I was quite keen to meet him too so I agreed.

April 13th was the day Ashok landed in Bombay & on April 14th we came face to face for the first time. It was a beautiful moment, one that I will cherish forever. I was quite nervous, Ashok wouldn't stop smiling & I think he was nervous too, coz he asked me "How are you?" three times in 30 minutes. We had been afraid that the chemistry that we had been feeling long-distance would turn out to be unreal, but it was soooo real.. didn¡¦t feel like we were strangers to each other. We spent the whole day together chatting like old friends & by the time I went home & he returned to his hotel I think we had our heads in the clouds & dreams in our eyes.

Manju & Ashok

Well, Ashok met my family the next day who approved of my choice. But he still had to meet his family & get their approval.. so he went down to Karnataka where his family stayed & came back in the next couple of days with their whole-hearted approval. He then flew back to LA promising to return in June & in the meanwhile the families spoke to each other on the phone... while we got back to our earlier routine of emailing.. chatting.
Now we were much more closer to each other. As promised on June 15th Ashok came back to India this time on a longer vacation of two months. I alongwith my family went to meet him and his family at Karnataka where we got engaged with the blessings of our families on 20th June. The wedding was solemnized at Bombay on 15th July.

Its little over a month since we were married and about 6 months, since we first initiated contact, yet.. it feels like we have known each other forever, that we were meant to be. At times it still seems like a dream. But you helped us make it come true.. thank you again for bringing love into our lives... we wish you all the very best.. keep up the good work & our best wishes to everyone on this site.. may their dreams too come true.

Warm Regards,

Manju & Ashok Team congratulates Manju & Ashok. We wish you both a happy future.
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