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  Shaadi Pride
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Shaadi Pride

Madhurendra & Kanupriya (03 July 2010)
Madhurendra & Kanupriya
Madhurendra & Kanupriya
Madhurendra & Kanupriya
Rhonda Byrne in her famous book The Secret which supposedly explains the Law of Attraction says, ?Everything that's coming into your life you are attracting into your life. And it's attracted to you by virtue of the images you're holding in your mind. It's what you're thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting to you.? In other words nothing can come into our experience unless we summon it through persistent thoughts. And in our case too, we feel that whatever we had imagined persistently about our Dream Boy and Dream Girl came perfectly true in the form of each other. The Beginning...... First of all, we thank God for this union, for it is truly of his will that we are to become one. Every couple has a story of how they come together, one which is ineradicable and brings a gush of joy and excitement as you reminisce it. For a fortunate few, it may begin with love at first sight but for other fortunate like us it was through traditional route of Arrange Marriage which we both believe in most. So, we also have our own story, not so filmy, but one which is special to us. It was on 03.03.2010 when a mail came in my Inbox from saying 'XYZ' has accepted your interest. This was the first Official communication from Bride?s family to Groom?s family. But at that time neither of us was exactly in the "best" position to entertain the obvious interest that was there. We eventually left each other with both of us seemingly thinking "what if". Things started off slowly when our parents first interacted at length on 05.03.2010, followed by the visit of her parents to Bangalore on 21.03.2010 to meet me. Thanks to my lucky stars, I passed most important and critical interview of my life with distinction. Shagun...... Fast forward.........It was on 07th April 2010 evening around 17.30 hrs at Patna?s famous Hanuman Mandir when our parents met face to face and my family saw my Bride for the first time. And then rest is just history.......... She wore a Ring in my name and by evening our Status on a networking site changed from Single to Committed.... This to just to enlighten you all that till this time we had neither interacted nor met with each other and the most exciting part of the story is that the first time we will be seeing each other will be on our D-Day only.......... Puzzled........ Well we two are yet to be Face to Face with each other, but we do share a strong sense of love & care for each other..............what to do, as expressed earlier we two consciously decided to take Traditional Approach towards world?s oldest institution called marriage.........Life is strange but not so strange.......... Our First Interaction...... Again on a networking site on 10.04.2010 at 22.31 hrs she pinged me and scolded me for not trying to know about her and talk to her even after our Shagun...........whom to any married life, prelude to our lives beginning was her small, lovely, cute scolding.........but, very soon, we were the best of buddies; chit chatting about family, friends, work, play, gossip, likes and without even realizing that when our chemistry got perfect.........we were out of those sweaty palms, the jumpy stomach, thumping heart, and nervous jitters. Our Chemistry contributed to that warm, comfortable feeling we get from being with a long time partner. No better word can express our deep emotions towards each other then the following words, which actually she messaged me in the evening of 1st May 2010: O My Sweet heart...............Every day begins with you,......Everything ends with you,.....Every moment I am near to you,......Every where I want to see you,...and........out of all this my honey.........Everybody thinks I am crazy about you..... Love.......... Engagement... Our formal engagement also called as ?Tilak? is on 18th June 2010. Marriage...... We both do believe that marriages are made in heaven but consummated on earth. So, we are getting married on 21st June 2010 at Muzaffarpur, Bihar. We are very delighted about our wedding and want to celebrate this special day with all of families and friends blessings and good wishes. We will remember as the magical time in our lives when all of our closest family and friends come together to be a part of our coming together. We sincerely hope that our nuptial is more than a celebration of our love but also the beginning of a very special friendship between our families and friends. A Special Thanks to from both of us. Great job buddy, keep it up. Love Kanupriya & Madhurendra

Wedding DATE : 21st Jun, 2010
Madhurendra & Kanupriya Team congratulates Madhurendra & Kanupriya. We wish you both a happy future.
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